No charges in crash that killed pregnant MoDOT worker

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – The Mother of a pregnant MoDOT worker who was struck and killed in a work zone crash said there will be no criminal charges against the driver.

Kaitlyn Anderson died with her unborn baby Jaxx on November 18 on Telegraph Road over Interstate 255. Her mother said Thursday that she received a phone call from the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office saying that a Grand Jury declined to charge the 52-year-old driver.

James Brooks was also killed in the November crash. A third MoDOT worker, Mike Brown, suffered injuries he will likely fight to overcome for the rest of his life.

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The families of the victims met with the prosecutor’s office Monday. Anderson’s mother said the prosecutor’s office said they learned the driver has a medical condition that causes blackouts. She said she won’t stop fighting MoDOT until future workers are protected.

Anderson wanted a safer job and asked to change assignments while pregnant. She used to drive a protective truck as her job.

“The safer job they gave her was striping, painting the road on Telegraph with no buffer truck,” Anderson’s aunt Tabitha Moore said.

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