Norwich crime: Fly-tippers use pregnant woman’s NR5 garden

6:00 AM March 20, 2022

6:53 AM March 20, 2022

A heavily pregnant woman is outraged after lazy fly-tippers ditched piles of rubbish in her front garden.

Elizabeth Walker, who is seven months pregnant, has hired a skip for work being done on her Larkman estate home in NR5. 

But Miss Walker, who already has a two-year-old daughter, woke up on Thursday to find paint cans, a kettle and piles of other rubbish left beside the skip in her garden.

She said: “My first thought when I saw it all lying in my garden was whether any of it would potentially hurt my kids.

Items left in Elizabeth’s garden in the Larkman estate were full paint cans, cupboard draws, as well as general trade waste.

– Credit: Elizabeth Walker

“I live on my own and am 28-weeks pregnant with my second child.

“The worst thing is if whoever put the rubbish there had just knocked on my door and asked me they could’ve used the skip.”

Instead, Miss Walker was forced to lug the rubbish across her garden to the skip herself. 

The stay at home mum added: “It looks like they started to put it in the skip but maybe thought they were being too loud, so ended up just throwing it on to my garden instead.

“I always try to see the light in any situation but this made me feel as if I can’t put much hope in people – as they will just take advantage.”

Fly-tipped items left in Elizabeth Walker's garden in Norwich, NR5

Fly-tipped items left in Elizabeth Walker’s garden in Norwich, NR5

– Credit: Elizabeth Walker

Miss Walker added she didn’t report it to the police.

However she did post the photos on social media to give the person or people involved an opportunity to come and clear it up.

To her disgust, no one came.

Miss Walker, 20, added: “I wanted to see if the people who did it would see my post and come get it, but they didn’t.

The 20-year-old said:

The 20-year-old said: “My first thought was wondering whether any of it could cause harm to my children.”

– Credit: Elizabeth Walker

“In the end I just did it myself otherwise I was worried that I’d be fined for fly-tipping if I didn’t do something.

“It wasn’t easy – I already have a very painful back due to the pregnancy and carpal tunnel in my wrists – so it was quite a painful job.

“The hardest part was getting all the paint cans – which were full – up and into the skip by myself.”