Ohio Valley YoungLives helping moms and pregnant women 21 years old and younger

WHEELING, W.Va. -(WTRF) Moms and pregnant women 21 years old and younger have a lot less stress thanks to the organization Ohio Valley YoungLives and its program called Lyfepact.

The program is currently helping a total of 60 moms in Ohio, Marshall and Belmont counties by providing personal hygiene products, cleaning and household products each month.

“Helping young moms in a tangible way has really led us to build bridges to YoungLives mentors and support them emotionally and build stronger communities.”

Leah MIck, Ohio Valley YoungLives Coordinator

“Just getting to spend time and get to know these girls and get to know their stories and just be a part of their life and walk alongside of them as they are figuring out motherhood and just life in general. It’s been great.”

Kristin Potts, Ohio Valley YoungLives Coordinator

If you’re interested in making a donation or need help yourself, you can call 304-312-1013.

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