Peace of Mind: Knowing Who Your Kids Are Around

Nothing gives us peace of mind more than knowing who our kids are around. As parents, it’s our responsibility to protect them from harm (as best as we can) which includes knowing the specifics about the people they interact with.

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Luckily, that peace of mind is easy to attain, as there are so many tools that can help us conduct our own people’s search. All we have to do is type their name into a search bar and we can look up information about babysitters, friends, distant family members, teachers, and more, instantly.

Looking for peace of mind about who your kids are around? Here’s how.

Online People Search

An online people search is a simple online scan for information about specific people. Essentially, a computer algorithm crawls millions of online databases for data about your person, including past offenses, criminal records, things they’ve posted on the internet. Not only is it an incredibly informative tool for parents, but for teachers, people in the dating scene, hiring managers, and more. That peace of mind knowing people who are who they say they are is priceless, and an online people search can provide that.

Choosing the Right One

Not all online people search platforms are the same. Some require a subscription or payment first, and others don’t provide you with the plethora of information you need to make a sound decision as a parent. Knowing everything there is to know about someone close to your kids means knowing the details that matter.

Fortunately, there’s Glad I Know. Glad I Know provides a wealth of information for things you’d want to know about the people around your kids.

Conducting A People Search

Now that you’re ready to attain the peace of mind that comes from knowing all about who’s around your kids, you can begin to conduct your online people search. Here’s how:

1. Make Sure You Have the Right Person

That seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people out there identical names.

You may find a mug shot of someone and scare yourself silly, despite that it’s a completely different person. So, before doing your people search, make sure you have the right person, plus a few bits of specific information about them so you know beyond a doubt it’s them.

2. Choose Your “People Search Engine”

Again, not all people searches are the same. Ideally, the best one would be a homepage with a simple search bar just like Google that you can simply type their name in. Therefore, it’s best to opt for a trusted site like Glad I Know. It’s a game-changing person information platform, person search and non-FCRA background screening platform which gives you highly valuable insight and intelligence on nearly any adult in the U.S. Your search on Glad I Know is simple, inexpensive and always 100% CONFIDENTIAL. The only person that knows about your search and the results is you.

3. Type a Name or Address in the Search Bar

It really is as simple as that. On the home page of Glad I Know, simply type their name or address in the search bar to populate information about anyone, instantly. The database is vast, which is why it’ll be helpful to know a few specifics to line up who’s who.

Finding Peace of Mind Through Intuition

One thing that’s important to know about online people searches is that that you can’t know everything. Yes, an online people search can tell you everything on file about a person, your good old intuition has a lot to say about it, too. Your intuition has a lot to do with who your kids are around. A clean people search is a key start, but if something still doesn’t feel right in your intuition, you should always go with that. Just because someone doesn’t have a public record, doesn’t mean your kids should be around them.

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