Pediatric intensive care, pregnant smokers & COVID-sniffing dogs

(WWNY) – Children from poor and underserved communities are at higher risk of being admitted to pediatric intensive care units — and dying there.

Research presented at the American Thoracic Society international conference also found higher mortality rates in black children treated in pediatric ICUs.

Help for pregnant smokers

A new study published in Nature Medicine finds e-cigarettes are just as safe as nicotine patches for pregnant women and may help more women stop smoking.

British researchers studied more than 1,100 pregnant smokers.

Half were given patches, half were given e-cigarettes. That second group had better proven quit rates at the end of pregnancy.

COVID-sniffing dogs

Trained scent dogs can accurately detect airport passengers infected with COVID-19, according to a new study in BMJ Global Health.

The canines’ accuracy was tested in lab settings and in the real world.

Researchers suggest dogs could be used for prescreening in high-prevalence places like hospitals and those with less virus, like airports, to help save time and resources.

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