PIEZO-ICSI treatment brings fresh hope for infertile couples

The two main causes of infertility are the absence of eggs in the ovaries and the weakening of the inner lining of the uterus. In both of these situations, doing a simple In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) procedure is not successful, or can even be the main reason for the failure of IVF. But, doctors have found the new PIEZO-ICSI technique to be beneficial in such cases.

Javitri Test Tube Centre offers PIEZO-ICSI technique for infertility

Since the past 19 years, Javitri Test Tube Centre has been helping childless couples conceive through relentless efforts and by use of modern techniques like IVF, IUI, PIEZO-ICSI, laser hatching, blastocyst, embryoscope, among others. The centre is known for treatment of male partners who come with low sperm counts, or female partners with blocked tubes or problems in the uterus or inferior quality of eggs. To solve the problem of infertility, Javitri Hospital has introduced the PIEZO-ICSI technique.

How IVF can deliver up to 80 per cent success rates

IVF was first introduced as a cure for infertility about 40 years ago. By using IVF alone, even the best medical centres can only deliver success rates of only 20 to 40 per cent. But, there are many other new techniques that have evolved over the years through which the results of IVF can be greatly improved. These include:

Triple Gas Incubator: In this special incubator, the levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen are kept under controlled levels, so that the embryo can be kept in the incubator for a longer period of time.

ICSI and Laser Hatching: Using the technique of Laser Hatching improves the chances of success of IVF in older women. ICSI is used in case the male partner has a low sperm count. Now, ICSI machines have become computerised, offering higher success rates.

Embryo Monitoring: In this method, an embryoscope is used to monitor the developing foetus. This helps in selecting the best embryos and increases the success of IVF by using only the good embryos for implantation. Embryoscopes are available only in a few places in the country.

Embryo Sperm Freezing: Even though this is an old technique now, the machines have evolved a lot over the years. Through computerisation, the internal environment is maintained at optimum levels, so that there is no danger in keeping the sperm and embryo preserved for a long duration of time.

Dr Rajul Tyagi, Founder and Director, Javitri Test Tube Baby Center

Infertility in men

Until a few years ago, men with no sperms or low sperm count did not have an option and could not naturally become biological fathers of a child. To become a father, they either had to use the sperms from a donor or needed to go for adoption. In fact, it was difficult to ascertain the real cause for infertility in the absence of proper diagnosis and availability of innovative methods of treatment. But, now, diagnosis has improved and knowing the real cause for infertility has made the process of treatment much simpler. Using a new method of treatment, the sperm can be removed directly from the testicles and used to create an embryo. This has given successful results in case of men with low or no production of sperms naturally.

Disorders with eggs

  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Menopause
  • Endometriosis

How PIEZO-ICSI treatment can help you solve the problem of infertility

Javitri Hospital is fully committed to helping couples suffering from infertility to have biological babies of their own using state-of-the-art technologies. Among various new technologies being used at the hospital, the latest one to be introduced is the PIEZO-ICSI technique. Under this, older women whose eggs are of reduced quality due to age factor or whose eggs are difficult to fertilize, can also conceive. For example, if the female body created four eggs in a cycle, and if we used a combination of ICSI and sperm needle techniques for IVF, in many cases, the eggs get damaged and the embryo thus created is not proper.

But, using the new PIEZO-ICSI technique, this issue can be solved. If the female body has created four eggs, then all four embryos can be formed. Therefore, this state-of-the-art technology is very good for the preservation of the embryo and the chances of damage are minimal.

Embryoscope Monitoring

This technique has become very popular over the last few years, using which a special microscope is placed inside the incubator that can monitor the health of 9-16 embryos at one time. These embryos are placed in a special dish so that each embryo can be viewed separately. The state-of-the-art microscope takes pictures of the embryo continuously for a certain period through a computer and that photo is converted into a film with the help of a special software. This way, the development of the embryo can be tracked and observed without disturbing its development, and the best ones can be selected for implantation at the right time. When such embryos are implanted in the uterus, the changes of a viable, healthy pregnancy are higher.

Having a baby even after menopause

The biological constitution of a woman is such that after menopause, the body stops the process of producing eggs in the uterus and women cannot conceive naturally. But, today, progress in science has made it possible for even women over 40 years to age to have a biological baby through IVF. It is not necessary for the woman to be menstruating or for eggs to form in her uterus.

IVF through an egg donor

As the age of a women advances over 35 years, the changes of producing poor quality eggs increases, thereby affecting the process of reproduction. In such cases, women can opt for IVF. And, in cases where the eggs is very poor, the couple can go for IVF with donor eggs. In this process, known as IVF – Egg Donor Technique, healthy eggs of another woman (donor) are extracted using IVF, and fertilized with the sperm of the male partner to form an embryo in the lab. This process of embryo formation takes 2-3 days. After this, a healthy embryo is placed in the uterus of female partner. This technique has gained a lot of popularity in recent days.

When to opt for PIEZO-ICSI technique?

The number of eggs created by a woman in her lifetime are limited. After the age of 35 years, there is a sharp decline in the quality and quantity of eggs. When the process of egg production stops, a woman stops menstruating and the size of the uterus also shrinks. “In such a situation, PIEZO-ICSI technique is a better alternative to have a baby,” says Dr Rajul Tyagi, Founder and Director, Javitri Test Tube Baby Center.

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