Prachi is pregnant with Siddharth’s Baby?

MUMBAI: Kumkum Bhagya is a popular show, and it is easy to see why. It appeals to those who believe that opposites attract, as well as those who believe in fate and that if fate brings two people together, they will stay together regardless of what happens.

The show is currently focusing on Prachi and Ranbir and how they are dealing with their ups and downs. Prachi and Ranbir are more estranged than they have ever been; Prachi has concealed her pregnancy from Ranbir, and he is distraught. Rhea, on the other hand, is adamant about establishing her dominance over Ranbir.

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Previously we saw Pallavi asking Ranbir questions and Aiya takes Pallavi away and tells her that she needs to stand for herself and take the right stand.

Rhea follows Prachi inside the hospital and when she spots her with the Gynecologists and when Prachi comes out, she bombards her with Pregnancy questions, and when Prachi is tuck and couldn’t answer, Shahana comes to Prachi’s rescue and says to Rhea that Prachi was at the hospital for Sahana because it is her who is pregnant and not Prachi.

Prachi thanks Sahana later for saving her from this situation, And Sahana says that why did she not tell her in the first place and Prachi apologizes.

When at home, Rhea tries to ask Ranbir if he knew about Shahana’s pregnancy and Ranbir says that he knew about Shahana but he would have told Rhea anyway.

Rhea still doesn’t believe that Shahana is pregnant and she thinks that Shahana is lying and that Prachi is showing all the symptoms of being pregnant.

In the upcoming episodes, we see that after Prachi locks her room when she gets a little sick, Rhea goes to Pallavi’s room to get the master keys of the house and tries to unlock Prachi’s room, Prachi gets furious and taunts Rhea and Shahana also chimes in.

Dida holds an intervention for Prachi and Ranbir asking them to befriend each other. When they refuse, she tells them that she’s not asking them for a long term but rather just be cordial for Vikram and Pallavi’s anniversary party.

They promise not to fight, and they each take up a responsibility to make the party a success.

Rhea gets jealous seeing them together, Rhea is snooping around the house and becomes sure that it is Prachi who is pregnant.

Rhea checks Prachi’s phone and finds a text from Siddharth asking Prachi to take care of herself, Rhea thinks that Prachi is pregnant with Siddharth’s Baby.

She tells this to Aliya. Rhea and Aliya hatch a plan to tell everyone that Siddharth and Prachi were in a relationship and she is going to be the mother of his child.

Meanwhile, Ranbir and Prachi share a lovely moment together.

Will Ranbir break off his relationship with Prachi?

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