Pregnancy Body | Bodily Changes After Childbirth

Physical changes after pregnancy are quite common, and we must stop shaming women
for them. 

When a baby is born, the birth not only changes the lives of parents but also the body of the mother. A woman’s body goes through so much during pregnancy, and it does not return to its previous state immediately.

In reality, many of the physical changes are  hard to control. The physical modification in appearance already takes a toll on the mental well-being of a woman, and as a society, we need to stop judging new mothers for how they appear after bringing a new life to this planet.

Here are the six common bodily changes that every woman experiences after delivering a baby,

Stretch Marks

As the baby grows, the body of the woman also develops, making the skin stretch. Many get them on their tummy, breasts, arms, and legs. While these only fade in time, it is next to impossible to entirely get rid of them without cosmetic procedures. 

Changed Breast Size

After pregnancy breast size can swell up to two cup sizes. Swelling, pain and soreness are common issues that every woman faces after delivering a baby. Engorged with milk, many also experience leakage irrespective of whether they are breastfeeding or not.

Once women stop breastfeeding, their breasts sink and look saggy. They might look smaller. Hence, whatever size they gain after pregnancy, can also get reduced after they stop feeding the child. It is all natural and nothing to be ashamed of.


Women who deliver a baby naturally often tend to lose some control of their bladders because pushing a human out of the body puts pressure on the urethra. Many regain control within a year, while some might have to consult a doctor if the issue persists.

Stomach Bulge

stomach bulge

Stomach bulge is one of the body changes every woman faces after the delivery. During pregnancy, the stomach and uterus grow in size, and they do not return to their normal state immediately after the baby’s birth.

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Many women look 16-20 weeks pregnant after the birth of their child. While the uterus returns to its actual size in six to eight weeks, the stomach bulge needs physical exercise. However, women must consult their doctors before returning to the gym or indulging in intensive physical activities after delivery.

Hips Get Wider

During pregnancy and delivery, a woman’s bone structure also changes. Pelvic bone might spread to make it easier for them to push the baby out of the body. Hence, many women end up with wider hips after delivery, and it could be permanent.

Back And Vaginal Pain

back pain

Weakened muscles and soreness near the vagina often result in women experiencing back and vaginal pain. In most cases, the pain goes away in a few weeks. However, if it persists, women must consult a doctor.

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Hair Fall

Hair fall is another common issue that women face after delivering a baby. However, women can use volumising shampoos and hair care products to deal with it. In extreme cases, they can also connect with their doctors and take prescribed supplements.

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