Pregnant Bishop Briggs’ Coachella 2022 performance has fans talking

Bishop Briggs was one of the highlights of Coachella 2022 as she joined an exciting lineup of musicians at the weekend music festival.

However, it isn’t just the live performance of her two recent singles that’s turning heads. Fans are blown away by how Bishop put up an absolutely amazing show while pregnant.

The Be Your Love singer announced her pregnancy a week ago but that didn’t stop the soon-to-be mom set the Coachella stage on fire!

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Bishop Briggs performs while pregnant for the first time

The Coachella 2022 is further special for Bishop as it’s her first performance while pregnant.

In an interview prior to the event, the singer said she had rehearsed a lot while carrying a child but hadn’t taken to the stage officially after becoming pregnant.

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When asked if performing with a child inside her feels any different, the singer said: “Well, it’s sort of like performing in a place where there’s an attitude change.”

“It’s a different kind of breathwork, but I can still handle it. It feels so good,” she further noted.

Watch a clip of her amazing performance below!

Singer’s fiery performance blows fans’ mind

Gone are the days when pregnant women are treated differently.

From Rihanna to Bishop, several famous faces have shown us how pregnancy doesn’t stop you from living your life or pursuing your dreams.

Hence, Bishop’s performance at Coachella has received a lot of attention as fans can’t stop raving about it.

“Bishop Briggs out there jumping around the stage like Gwen Stefani despite being five or six months pregnant is hella impressive. She’s got a lovely set of lungs on her, too. Feeling some potent, euphoric, maternal energy,” praised her a fan.

Another added: “Bishop Briggs jumping and dancing around the stage, serving stable vocals while pregnant and in the sun, I’m in my bed and I’m already tired, just by watching her. Her energy is amazing”

“Bishop Briggs performing pregnant is soooooooo iconic,” tweeted an impressed fan.

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When the singer announced her pregnancy

The singer’s pregnancy came as a surprise to fans.

Exactly a week ago, Bishop announced that she was pregnant by sharing a picture from her maternity shoot with Paper Magazine.


When fans started flooding her posts with wishes and messages, she shared another image of herself holding the baby bump.

In the caption, she wrote: “Thank you for all your comfort and kindness. This has been the most personal release of music, news and energy in my entire life!”

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