Pregnant mum and family living in mould-infested flat with crumbling walls

A pregnant mum and her family are calling for extensive repairs to be made to their home, which is “not liveable”.

The family moved into the property in September 2020 and state that there have been a number of problems from the very start.

These concern plaster peeling away from the walls of the Hull home, damp and mould and some walls eve crumbling, as reported by Hull Live.

They claim that the house was in such a horrifying state that their teenage daughter even moved out partly due to her finding it embarrassing to live there.

Katie Dean, who lives in the home with her partner, toddler and is expecting a baby, said: “It’s not liveable. My key worker from Target Housing has been and I’ve told him I want moving out of the property, it’s seriously affecting my mental health.

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“My 16-year-old has moved out of the house to live with her dad, partly because it was too embarrassing to bring people around.”

She is also worried for the health of her toddler child living in the house, who she claims is often getting chest infections.

Katie, in her thirties, acknowledged that her contacts with Target Housing have been responded to and some repairs and fittings have been attempted to the property.

These include the replacement of a boiler 12 days after the previous version “packed up”, the fitting of a dormer window, an extractor fan and a new radiator installed in the bathroom.

New radiator in the home with a wall in a damaged state

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However, she claims they barely scratched the surface of all the house’s significant issues and in at least one case, created other problems.

Work to insulate the roof and prevent a leak into the converted attic room of the property had not been effective, Katie said.

“We’ve actually now found that it is still leaking and the roof is all damp and wet.

“It’s disgusting – it’s actually growing mould on it and I can’t get rid of it.

The exterior of Katie Dean's Hull home, which she claims is uninhabitable

The exterior of Katie Dean’s Hull home, which she claims is uninhabitable

“I had a new window fitted, a new dormer window, that’s brilliant. But the mould above it must be because of a leak and it’s like growing.”

A new radiator was fitted by a plumber in the bathroom before April this year.

But she claims this had consequently led to significant damage to the wall beside it, which she was still waiting for to be repaired.

The problems are so extensive in the living room, that the family have effectively 'abandoned using it'

The problems are so extensive in the living room, that the family have effectively ‘abandoned using it’

The issues with the house’s living room – damp walls, the adjacent hallway wall “falling through” and being “too cold” – are so extensive that the family had effectively “abandoned using it”, she claimed as well.

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“I mean, my living room was beautiful. I adore ornaments because that’s what I’m into.

“And I can’t use none of it because it would just end up on the floor smashed and broken because of the walls and things.”

She added: “This was only to be temporary until I got my money, finances, things like that, sorted out.”

She added they were moved in with the assistance of Target Housing and were paying back prior rent arrears to the council.

Members of Hull City Council’s environmental health team have also visited the property two times, Katie said.

A photo showing further damage to a wall inside the house

A photo showing further damage to a wall inside the house

She said the property needed “extensive work” or “renovation”, rather than piecemeal repairs.

“And if they can’t work around us doing that, then move us out,” she added.

Target Housing were approached for comment.

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