Pregnant mum under fire for ‘sad’ reaction to gender reveal

A pregnant mum has been blasted over her reaction to a gender reveal. The pregnant mum says she was left “grieving” by the reveal’s results.

Nicole Shamlin shared a clip on TikTok titled “what everyone saw at our gender reveal”. It showed her beaming as blue confetti rained down.

She then added an update on her “later that night”. The clip showed Nicole, who posted all to social media, sobbing in bed after realising she was having a boy.

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The mum cried over her “gender disappointment”, she said. In a caption, she wrote: “Me grieving the fact that I’m not getting my baby girl just yet.”

She wrote over the video: “How can I love another boy? Will I be replacing my first son? How can I love two sons?”

Nicole added in the caption for the TikTok video: “Gender disappointment is real. I only felt that way for a day. Now we are beyond excited and thankful.”

In the replies, people were furious. Some rushed to slam her response, saying they were on IVF and would sacrifice everything to be having a baby.

One branded it “sad” and added: “I was just thankful to have one live child.” They continued: Healthy is what you should care about not the sex.”

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