Pregnant mum worries her baby name choice will be offensive

An expectant mother has revealed she worries the name she has chosen for her unborn child will offend her family.

The mum took to social media to ask for advice after coming up with a name for her unborn daughter.

The woman revealed she had planned to name the baby girl ‘Delilah Louise’ but said she feared the name choice would upset her side of the family.

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Speaking on Mumsnet she explained her own middle name is Louise – but it is also the first name of her mother-in-law.

The mum-to-be says she is unsure if her own mother – whose name is Aine (pronounced Aw-nya) would take offence that the baby would not be named after her too.

She wrote: “Our baby girl is due in February (potentially a Valentine’s baby!). We want to call her Delilah.

“Our top middle name choice is Louise. My mother-in-laws name is Louise and it’s also my middle name. We chose it based on the fact it’s in the family but we also liked how it sounds (I know it seems heavy on the L’s but I think it’s fine).

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“However do you think my mother should be offended? Personally I don’t since Delilah Louise does sound nicer than Delilah Aine, and we don’t want to give her two middle names.

“Thoughts? Should we consider other options or is it okay?”

But other parents assured the pregnant woman her mum should not take offence.

One said: “I wouldn’t be at all offended.”

Another agreed: “I would not be offended and I’m surprised people feel so strongly about it.”

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Another said: ‘I wouldn’t be offended. Actually, I wasn’t offended when my first grandchild’s middle name was from my SIL family. Their second was middle names from my side which is lovely.

“I think this is probably very dependent on you mother and how your MIL is likely to react – will she boast?”

But others suggested she use both names and keep everyone happy.

One said: “I don’t like Delilah. Louise is a bit of a fillee middle name. Why not use Louisa as a first name instead?

“Louisa Aine. 2 happy grandmothers.”

Another agreed: “Just give her two names. Why annoy your mum unnecessarily? I get the middle name connection but it’s not the same, it’s not as personal as actually having her own name especially when the MIL gets an actual ‘credit’.

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“Also Aine is a lovely name and unusual compared to Louise. It would be wonderful for your daughter to have that heritage in her own identity. I have a great great aunt’s middle name and I like the history of it.”

“I’d personally be hurt and also wouldn’t do this to my mum. Use both or neither, in my opinion,” said another.

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