Pregnant Olivia Munn sued for wrongful death after ‘worker fell from roof’ in fatal accident

PREGNANT Olivia Munn is being sued for wrongful death.

A “worker fell from her roof” in a fatal accident in May.


Olivia is being sued for wrongful deathCredit: Instagram/Olivia Munn
The actress and her mother have been hit with the lawsuit after a worker fell off her roof


The actress and her mother have been hit with the lawsuit after a worker fell off her roofCredit: Instagram/Olivia Munn

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ on Friday, the 41-year-old actress and her mother, Kim Schmid, hired Celso Merida in May to work on replacing the roof at the house.

During his fourth day on the job, Celso fell from the roof and suffered a handful of injuries.

The lawsuit claims the man died a few weeks after the accident, while his cause of death was “blunt force traumatic injuries.”

The documents continued to allege that Olivia and her mom hired an unlicensed contractor named Fernando, who recruited Celso for the job.

According to the documents, Celso’s family says Olivia and Kim were negligent in pawning things off to an unlicensed contractor.

The late worker’s family also claims the actress and her mom instructed him to work on the roof.

The family insisted Celso should not have been on the roof, as the required safety guards and fall protection had not been determined.

Due to the lack of safety guidelines, the family claims there was an unreasonable risk of injury.

According to the lawsuit, Olivia and Kim did not give the worker the proper tools that were necessary for him to safely work up on the roof.

Additionally, the mother-daughter duo allegedly didn’t participate in a workers’ compensation program.

Celso’s family is suing both Olivia and Kim for his wrongful death and hope to receive money in exchange for the fatal accident.


The lawsuit comes as Olivia is expecting her first child with John Mulaney, 39.

The couple didn’t start dating until May 2021, which was just one month after Mulaney filed for divorce from Anna Marie Tendler.

During the comedian’s appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers in September, John confirmed that he and Olivia are together and they’re going to be parents.

He said at the time: “In the spring, I went to Los Angeles, and met and started to date a wonderful woman named Olivia – Olivia Munn.

“And we’re having a baby together. … I’m going to be a dad. We’re both really, really happy.”

Olivia later confirmed the news after showing off her baby bump in her Instagram Stories.


The couple have been known to keep a low profiled, while a rumor previously circulated that they have split.

Back in October, gossip site Deuxmoi shared a screen shot of a tip they received that seemed to hint the pair called it quits.

“This B-C list celebrity and her baby daddy A list comedian have recently called it quits,” the tip read.

Although they didn’t name drop the pair, the source added, “They’re not attempting to fake the relationship for the public, but won’t be announcing [their break up] either.”

The tragic accident took place in May at Olivia's home


The tragic accident took place in May at Olivia’s homeCredit: BackGrid
Olivia is pregnant with her first child


Olivia is pregnant with her first childCredit: Instagram
She is expecting with comedian John Mulaney


She is expecting with comedian John MulaneyCredit: Getty
Olivia Munn shows off her baby bump in clip after confirming she’s pregnant with John Mulaney’s baby despite his divorce

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