Pregnant woman carried in ‘doli’ for 3 km

A pregnant woman had to be carried for three kilometres in a ‘doli’ from her home at Losingi to the nearest kutcha road point at YB Patnam, from where she was shifted in the ‘108’ ambulance to a hospital, on Friday.

The woman, developed labour pains, and as the ambulance could not reach her house as there was no road, she had to be carried to the road point in the ‘doli.’ The kutcha road was laid by tribal people with ‘shramdan’.

There is no road facility to 12,000 people, living in 70 non-scheduled villages in Rolugunta, Ravikamatham, Golugonda, Nathavaram, Devarapalli, Cheedikada, Madugula, Kotauratla and Anantagiri mandals. The people of these villages have to carry pregnant women and sick persons in ‘Dolis’, says CPI(M) leader K. Govinda Rao.

He says that the tribal village of Lingapuram, in Narsipatnam Municipal area, which has a population of 250, does not have road facility, though it was included in the municipality. On the other hand, the State government has issued a GO including some tribal villages under the purview of VMRDA, he said and demanded immediate provision of roads to the tribal villages.

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