Pregnant woman missing almost a month

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) -The search for a missing pregnant woman, Isabel Gonzalez, is almost a month in and there is still no word from police or her family on where she could be.

Curtis Rayon, Gonzalez’s 18-year-old boyfriend, said a fight between her and his mother is what led up to her packing her bags and leaving. The only problem is no one seems to have a clue where she could have gone.

According to Rayon, an argument from February 8 quickly became physical and police say that was the last time Gonzalez was seen.

“She said if you cared about me and loved me like you said you do, you would go with me. And then my mother came out and then they got into a little heated argument.” explained Raybon. “Isabel swung and kind of swung at my mother kind of and they both went on the ground and me and her got into it and she basically refused to let me get in the house and so I had ended up putting her in a headlock.”

According to Sandra Raybon, Curtis Raybon’s mother, the couple was recently homeless until she took them in. She says Gonzalez was two months pregnant with twins.

“I didn’t want her back in my house.”, said Sandra Raybon. “She was wanting him to leave to go back with her to Thomaston.”

Gonzalez’s parents, who live in Ohio, provided a statement saying “We wish to be private, please respect out privacy. If you have any information that could help, please call the CPD.”

If anyone recognizes Isabel Gonzalez or have information on where she could be, you are encouraged to call the Columbus Police Department’s Youth Services department at 706-653-3449.

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