Pregnant woman & two others killed as tourist boat capsizes after being hit by large wave on river cruise in Poland

THREE people including a pregnant woman have died after a tourist boat capsized in Poland after being struck by a massive wave.

Fourteen people were on board the wooden vessel when it overturned on the Motlawa river in the city of Gdansk.


Fourteen people were on board the boat when it capsizedCredit: KM of PSP Gdańsk

Three people were pulled from the water and a man, 60, was pronounced dead at the scene following the incident on Saturday.

Two others, including a heavily pregnant woman, were rushed to hospital but later died, cops say.

Authorities believe the boat, carrying 12 tourists and two crew members, may have capsized because of large waves generated by a nearby tug boat.

More than 20 firefighters and divers rushed to save passengers from the water.

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Mariusz Chrzanowski, of Gdansk police, said: “Preliminary findings show that the tourist boat with 14 people on board capsized as a result of a high wave, probably caused by tugs working nearby.

“The boat probably got caught in a strong current of water created by the tug bolt. As a result, it was pushed violently and capsized.”

Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, Gdansk’s major, described the incident as “enormous tragedy” and said the cause would be explained “as soon as possible”.

She said: “I feel sorry for everyone affected by this enormous tragedy and I send my condolences to the victims of the accident and their families.

“I believe that the services will explain the causes of this terrible accident as soon as possible.

“I can assure you that the injured persons are under professional medical and psychological care.”