Pregnant woman ‘vomiting blood’ walks out of GP surgery after waiting 80 minutes

Mum-of-two Aimee Houston never even saw a GP at her medical practice, despite a lengthy wait of 80 minutes when no-one was waiting

Aimiee Houston

Image: Stoke Sentinel)

A pregnant mum walked out of her local GP surgery after waiting more than an hour because she was ‘vomiting blood’.

Aimiee Houston managed to book an appointment at the doctor’s surgery after the disturbing condition.

But the mum-of-two, who is eight months pregnant, never saw a GP at her medical practice, despite a lengthy wait of 80 minutes.

Aimiee told Stoke-on-Trent Live : “I was throwing up a lot of blood so I rang the doctors and explained what had gone on, that I was vomiting blood.

“It was quite a lot and thickened. It was quite stringy too. There was quite a lot of blood for me to go to the doctors.

Weston Coyney Medical Practice in Meir, Staffordshire

“I had felt the baby move and I wanted to check that everything was okay because it isn’t normal. I’d had a miscarriage before this pregnancy so I wanted to get checked out.

“They gave me an appointment for 4.20pm. I was sitting waiting and when I had gone in I had signed in first. I sat for 45 minutes, it was uncomfortable sitting in those chairs as it is when you’re pregnant.

“I eventually went up to the desk and asked how long the doctor would be. I was told he was running behind. I asked how because I was the only one in the doctors.

“By this point the cleaning staff were in the surgery – there was nobody else there. They told me to take a seat so I sat down.”

Aimiee says she waited for another 35 minutes at Weston Coyney Medical Practice, Staffordshire without being seen on January 21.

She added: “It had been an hour and 20 minutes so I turned around and asked if the doctor was going to be much longer. They said he was behind.

“I told them I’m 32 weeks pregnant, I had been throwing up blood, I’d sat here for over an hour, and I felt like they were neglecting me.

Aimiee went to her GP after vomiting blood


Aimiee Houston)

“I suffer from anxiety and depression so I was really nervous and felt like I was being put on the spot.

“I felt uncomfortable and I shouldn’t be feeling like that in my own hometown.

“It was terrible and I’ve never seen anything like it. I didn’t see the doctor. I ended up walking out of the surgery. I felt really anxious while I was waiting to be seen.

“I want an apology from them. I am now going to change my GP because I don’t want to bring my baby into this world and have the same thing happen. We won’t be going there again.”

Stoke-on-Trent Live has approached the surgery for a statement regarding Aimiee’s issue.

But a spokesman for NHS Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), said: “We cannot comment on individual cases, but as a CCG we are committed to providing the best care for people across the area.

“Where patients are unhappy with any GP service, we’d ask them to talk directly to the surgery, or give feedback through the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS).

“If any patient wishes to make a formal complaint, they should do this directly with the surgery or through NHS England.”

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