Pregnant women should heed CDC advice on Covid-19 vaccine (Your Letters)

To the Editor:

The story in Thursday’s paper about Lynn Carpenter and her son, Dawsyn’s, fight for survival against the effects of Covid-19 is another tale of the truly horrific effects this disease has on people, their families and communities. (”Pregnant volunteer firefighter on ventilator fighting Covid-19, gives birth 2 1/2 months early in Syracuse,” Sept. 29, 2021).

We all can, and should, be truly thankful that both Lynn and Dawsyn are expected to survive. With children of my own, I have deep sympathies for what Lynn and her family are going through and I sincerely hope they both make a full recovery.

The CDC began recommending pregnant women to get the vaccine in mid-August and has more recently made public statements urging pregnant women to get the vaccine. Although the vaccine is not perfect at preventing infection, one thing is clear: If you get sick with Covid, that sickness will be worse if you are not vaccinated. To others who are pregnant and hesitant about getting vaccinated, please speak to your doctor to decide what to do. I don’t want your story to be the next front-page article.

Alex Waldauer


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