Prioritising Women s Health – BW Healthcare

Health is an important factor that contributes to human wellbeing and economic growth. Female healthcare providers can play an important role in educating society to recognise their illnesses and their causing factors. A study done jointly by AIIMS and Harvard University shows that more men have access to healthcare facilities than women, moreover in the segment of women, over 45 years of age have access as compared to the younger women.

Dr Sonia Malik, Director and HOD, Nova Southend Fertility and IVF, says, “PCOS is an epidemic in the country. Obesity is the root cause as far as PCOS is concerned.” Elaborating further on the subject, she highlights preemptive measures and states that right from the adolescent age the child should be kept told that everything relates to her weight.

Dr Kanchan Kaur, Specialist, Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon & Director, Medanta Cancer Institute, Medanta Medicity Hospital opens about and shares, “Over the last decade, there is a paradigm shift in how we look at influences that are causing illness. The concept of ‘Epigenetics’ emerged wherein one’s behaviour and environment impact one’s genes which is passed down to upcoming generations.”

It is imperative for a female going through the procedure of IVF to be positive and happy that doubles up the pregnancy rate, mentions Dr Sharda Jain, Director, Lifecare Centre, Director, Lifecare IVF, Secretary-General of Delhi Gynaecologist Forum. She further adds, “In India, awareness is lacking, whenever there is a breast lump, for the accurate diagnosis there is nothing short of ‘the rule of three’ that includes; 1. Clinical examination by the doctor, 2. Imaging and 3. Biopsy.”

While moderating a panel discussion at BW Healthcare World’s ‘Tech Advancement And Disruption In Healthcare Conclave 2022,’ Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Coach, Advisor to NGO, We Listen Foundation and Author, Suzy Singh, refers to the latest research related to IVF indicates that the use of hypnosis during the transfer of the embryo could lead to significantly improve IVF outcome.