Ranae von Meding on Audrey Rooney: ‘She literally saved my life’ | Ireland

Born in Chicago, Ranae von Meding, 34, is the CEO of Equality for Children, a campaign group for LGBTQ+ parents. She’s also a marriage celebrant and works in marketing and communications with Thérapie Fertility Clinic. Audrey Rooney, 41, is a freelance stage manager from Dublin who has worked for the Abbey and Gate theatres and Druid theatre company. Von Meding and Rooney married in 2016. Their daughters Ava, 5, and Arya, 3, were born through donor-assisted human reproduction and surrogacy.

As someone who grew up as a member of a religion that doesn’t support LGBTQ+ relationships, the realisation that she was in love with a woman was challenging for Ranae von Meding to navigate.

That woman was Audrey Rooney, whom von Meding met in