Readers respond: Where’s Portland’s support for pregnancy?

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I was amused to watch Portland’s “leaders” backtrack on their idea to boycott Texas because that state dared to protect innocent lives (“Portland scraps planned boycott over Texas abortion law, seeks instead to give cash to reproductive health groups,” Sept. 14). They likely realized that would bite them where they sit, as many people are already boycotting Portland, including many Oregonians, and the pace would only accelerate if they did such virtue-signaling. In standard style, however, they had to show some liberal chops, so they’re planning to give $200,000 of taxpayer money (not theirs) to fund abortion because it, they falsely contend, is all about “women’s health and choice.” Well, if these knuckleheads are all about women’s health and choice, why aren’t they giving at least half of that $200,000 to pregnancy resource centers? After all, having a baby is a choice, and it helps if the woman is healthy. Right?

Keith Gallagher, Condon