Report: Modern Day Mothers Feel “Intense Pressure” To Be Perfect

A report has revealed that modern day mothers are feeling “intense pressure” to be perfect.

Just when you thought motherhood might be easier with modern technology over the years, a report showed that it’s only getting tougher.

The report titled, “Mums of Young Ones: Understanding Modern Motherhood,” was recently released by Sydney-based market research company, The Korn Group, conducted by Neer Korn, detailing the concerns of modern day Australian mums.

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Neer Korn told Nine Honey about the pressure that modern day mothers feel. She said:

“The vast majority of women we spoke with admitted they felt like they were constantly operating under a “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” environment.

“And it’s not just judgement from other mums these women are worried about, but from society in general online or on the street.”

Korn also talked about the pressures to be perfect mums, published on the company’s website.

“Guilt is innate to motherhood, mothers aspire to not care, and can often recognise their misplaced guilt but being able to shake it off is another thing.

“The pressure to be the perfect mum seems intense, especially for first time mums. Letting go of these impossible expectations is liberating. It’s no surprise that mums loved the movie Bad Moms,” she said.

Ms Korn also found that modern day mothers are more involved online and on social media, giving rise to mummy bloggers, and opening discussion boards which means that mothers now have access to each others advice and reassurance.

However, Ms Korn said that although the online community can be helpful for many mothers, it is important to be cautious about the source of the information. “The study found that mums wish they just trusted themselves more. There’s too much advice and information out there. They wish they weren’t so afraid to go with their gut feelings,” she said.

Well, after all, mothers know best.