Ridding Your Walkway of Weeds Without Harmful Chemicals

Pulling weeds can be back breaking.  This is the best time of year to stay up on the weeds to help prevent their root systems from growing and spreading.

Wouldn’t you rather be doing something else?  Wouldn’t it be great to get rid of weeds for nearly the entire season?  You might be like me, concerned about using a weed killer like Roundup with glyphosate in it.  The EPA originally found it to be safe, but some researchers have identified secondary effects in animals that were exposed to it.  I wonder what that does to us?

Yikes!  That’s certainly something I don’t want to expose to my children.

While trying to find the balance between time spent bent over pulling weeds, keeping my children healthy and not being the messiest house on the block, I found the miracle cure.

What if I told you there is one item, most likely in your pantry already, that will take care of it.  You can cover your walkway with and not have to worry about it most of the rest of the summer.  In early spring, I just spread it on, thickly, even if weeds have already started popping up.  Then, maybe one more time in late summer, I’ll spread it on again.  It is then weed-free all summer long.  And it isn’t a harmful chemical. That one thing?

Baking Soda!

Using Baking Soda To Kill Weeds From Personal Experience

I sprinkled a heavy coat of baking soda over all the lines in our pavers where weeds grow in April.  Then, I went through with a large broom and really made sure each of the lines had baking soda in it while brushing the majority off the stones themselves.  It rained the next day, so I was a little worried my 25 minutes of work had been washed away.

But now, two months later and no weeds.  I even sprinkled some on existing weeds, and the baking soda totally killed them.  All on its own, without me spending hours pulling them.

Why does it work? Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate’s alkaline nature can make it phytotoxic, which is a fancy word for poisonous to plants.  And this does mean all plants, even your lush grass or pretty flowers.  Be sure to apply carefully so you don’t kill plants you want.

Not only is it easy, taking half the time of pulling those pesky weeds, but it is easier on your wallet as well.  A large bag of baking soda from warehouse club can be tremendously cheaper than those bottles of weed killer you buy from your local department or home improvement store.  If you happen to have any left over, you know you’ll have plenty of uses for baking soda all year long.

Are you ready to enjoy more of your summer this year?  Do you want to avoid kneeling on the ground for hours to get rid of those weeds?  Are you looking to avoid harmful chemicals?  Do you like saving money?

Baking Soda to the rescue!


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Ridding Your Walkway of Weeds Without Harmful Chemicals