San Antonio strip club accused of discriminating against pregnant bartender

SAN ANTONIO – A bartender who said she was fired from a San Antonio strip club due to her pregnancy recently filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging discrimination, records showed.

Sara Soto had worked at the San Antonio Men’s Club since 2017, according to the lawsuit. In January of 2019, Soto told her manager that she was pregnant.

Two months later, Soto claimed her shifts were reduced, going from five shifts a week to three, and later two, according to the lawsuit.

When she complained, the scheduling manager told him he was supposed to let her go but was trying to help. Soto also alleges that the club’s general manager told her that she didn’t fit the “fantasy” because her pregnancy was showing.

“Sometimes it’s not about right and wrong — it’s about business and personal,” Soto claims the manager told her, according to the lawsuit.

In May 2019, Soto went to the club for a baby shower when she learned that she was no longer scheduled, the lawsuit claims.


After filing a discrimination complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the commission concluded that the club violated federal discrimination statutes, clearing the path for her to file the lawsuit.

Soto is seeking compensatory damages for the money she lost out on, along with emotional pain and mental anguish she experienced, according to the lawsuit.

Attorney’s for the San Antonio Men’s Club had not yet filed a response to the lawsuit as of Wednesday, records showed.

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