Sarah Herron Shares Update on How She’s Doing After Breaking Her Knee Amid IVF Treatment


Healing journey.

Bachelor Nation first met Sarah Herron on Season 17 of “The Bachelor,” and she returned to our screens for Seasons 1 and 3 of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

Since her time on the Bachelor Nation shows, Sarah has been extremely open with fans about important topics like fertility, egg freezing, limb differences, and mental health.

And throughout the past few years, Sarah has been particularly open about her and fiancé Dylan’s egg freezing, fertilization, and embryo transfer process.

Over the past few months, Sarah has kept fans updated on her latest embryo transfer, which happened two weeks ago.

Then, amid this crucial part of her IVF journey, Sarah revealed that last week she fell while walking her dog and broke her knee.

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While walking their dog Rio, she fell and hit her knee. Later, Sarah took to Instagram to share a photo of herself icing her knee at urgent care and wrote, “Well this is not fun, nor what we need right now.”

Now, Sarah is updating fans with how she is doing during a new Q&A on Instagram.

Alongside a picture with her knee brace and crutches, Sarah wrote, “Emotionally, I’m doing much better than I was 7 days ago. Initially I was so angry, and now I’ve settled into the fact that this is my reality for the next few months and I can’t fight it. *SURRENDER* is a big lesson I’m learning right now. The days feel like groundhog’s day and I’m just doing LOTS of reading and research.”

And while Sarah hasn’t revealed whether her latest embryo transfer was successful, she did share some advice for someone whose embryo transfer failed.

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She wrote, “No but in all honesty, everyone will grieve differently. My best advice regardless if you are someone that needs to immediately get back on the horse, or take a step back, is to: I.) have a support system 2.) have a clear plan (next steps) 3.) have a distraction.”

We’re keeping Sarah and Dylan in our thoughts as they navigate this next chapter of their IVF journey, and we’re wishing her a speedy recovery from her knee injury.