Scots woman in last bid to conceive through IVF despite ‘complete agony’ of PCOS and endometriosis

A Scots woman who suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis is embarking on an IVF journey with her partner in one last bid to conceive the child they have always dreamed of.

Lianne Stobo has struggled with heavy, irregular periods since the age of 14 but it wasn’t until her 20s when she was diagnosed with the debilitating conditions which have seen her hospitalised in pain.

Over the years, the 32-year-old from South Lanarkshire has undergone two operations to remove cysts from her ovaries and ‘burn away’ the endometriosis, meaning parts of each ovary have been removed each time.

The couple have sadly have experienced six miscarriages in 11 years

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The impact of the procedures has been so severe that gynaecologists told Lianne her ovaries and womb wouldn’t survive more interference, and another operation would involve a complete hysterectomy.

Tragically, Lianne and her husband Jason, 34, have experienced six miscarriages in 11 years ‘with no explanation of why they happen’, but have been refused IVF on the NHS due to Lianne’s weight.

The couple, who have been together for 11 years, say being parents is ‘all they’ve ever wanted’ despite Lianne living ‘in complete agony’.

She told the Record: “I can’t get IVF on the NHS due to my weight but that is affected by the medication I get put on to help with bleeding and other symptoms.

“All of this makes it hard for me to lose weight and during flare ups I can’t exercise or leave the house due to the pain and heavy bleeding.

“My bleeding can last from 10 days to four weeks and I leak through everything.

“I do try to go to the gym but it’s just not possible. Endometriosis makes my organs stick together and before and during my period, they become inflamed. Even the bumpiness of riding in a car is agony.

“It feels like I’m suffocating and can’t get away from it. It’s constant.”

The pair, from South Lanarkshire, have been married for five years

The pair, from South Lanarkshire, have been married for five years

After a painstaking fight to have her condition recognised by GPs, at the age of 20, a blood test and ultrasound confirmed Lianne had an 8cm by 7cm dermoid cyst on her right ovary, and several small cysts on her left ovary.

At the age of 23, she underwent her first operation to remove those cysts, during which medics discovered she had endometriosis and all her insides ‘were stuck together’, with surgeons having to use a laser to separate them.

Following her miscarriages, Lianne was prescribed cyclogest, pessaries which contain progesterone, which is essential for normal functioning of the reproductive system, as a precaution for the next time she fell pregnant.

But Lianne doesn’t ovulate every month – making it harder for her to do so.

Lianne says IVF treatment at the Glasgow clinic is her 'last resort'

Lianne says IVF treatment at the Glasgow clinic is her ‘last resort’

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She continued: “All my life, I was told I was a hypochondriac, that I was exaggerating the pain.

“Doctors kept telling me it was normal for someone going through puberty. I was in and out of hospital and one GP told me I had a grumbling appendix. Another told me there was no such thing.

“I was told to get the implant to help regulate my periods but then my period came every fortnight and was really heavy. I was then put on the pill – anything to get me out the door.

“Instead of investigating what was causing the pain, I was ignored and treated like a silly young girl who didn’t know what I was talking about.”

After a decade of heartbreak, Lianne and Jason are now looking to receive treatment through IVF clinic TFP GCRM Fertility in Glasgow – but the pair face costs of up to £7,000 for two rounds of IVF.

Lianne added: “I have tried and fought for everything and I keep getting doors slammed in my face. This is my last resort – my last chance to be a mum. It’s all I’ve ever wanted.

“My life is consumed by it, I live and breath ovulation tests, pregnancy tests, researching different things to try, taking different vitamins and other combinations of pills to try and help but so far everything has failed.

“This is why I need IVF.”

Lianne and Jason hope they will be able to fundraise the cash to pay for treatment.

If you would like to donate to Lianne’s fundraiser, click here.

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