Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese in second leaders’ debate

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is asked whether he will resign in the event of a hung parliament if the independents don’t want to work with him.

Morrison says electing independents is a “recipe for chaos”.

“You can’t vote for someone who will not tell you how they will vote,” Morrison says.

He says the last minority government from 2010 to 2013 “was just ugly”.

“So I would urge people not to go down that path,” Morrison says.

Morrison is asked again — in the result of a hung parliament, though, voters need to know if they vote for you, will they get prime Minister Dutton?

He does not provide a yes or no response about whether he would resign if it was the only way for the Coalition to win the support of independents.

Albanese has been asked about whether he would do deals with independents if there’s a hung parliament.

Labor will not negotiate on any of the policies it’s taking to the election, the opposition leader responds.

“You don’t have to look theoretically. In 2013 when I became the Deputy Prime Minister under Kevin Rudd, we didn’t do any deals,” he says.

It’s pointed out he did a deal with the Greens.

“We said you can make a choice. You can have Tony Abbott as prime minister or Kevin Rudd. They are the choices,” Albanese responds.

He says he’s looking to form government in his own right, unlike the Coalition.