SD State Medical Association president discusses pregnancy and COVID-19

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The latest data from the South Dakota Department of Health says that the state has 7,215 active cases of COVID-19 and 201 people hospitalized.

“I think that that’s really the big thing right now is just continued stressing vaccinations in our state,” said Dr. Kara Dahl, emergency physician with Sanford Health in Aberdeen as well as the president of the South Dakota State Medical Association.

According to South Dakota Department of Health data over the past 12 months, active cases and hospitalizations each have a smaller peak in recent months. When looking at the past three months, there is a decline in active cases and more of a plateau in hospitalizations.

COVID-19 in South Dakota: October 2021 updates

“Reach out to medical professionals, instead of what they’re hearing maybe on Facebook or through friends,” Dahl said. “I mean they really need to go to a reliable source and get some questions answered if there’s still lingering questions about the vaccinations.”

Dahl also brings up pregnancy.

“There’s a lot of hesitancy about becoming vaccinated if a woman is pregnant and that recently has been shown to be very important in preventing not only the maternal death, but also fetal complications,” Dahl said. “A lot of information has come out within the past few months when it comes to the importance of pregnant women getting vaccinated.”

She says the vaccine is safe with regard to breastfeeding, too.

“I think not just for our state, but for our country that we need to really kind of promote more in the pregnant population, we could do a lot of good for not only like I said those moms, but also their newborns and try to prevent any complications with the pregnancy,” Dahl said.

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