Shaterica Anderson, Who Survived Sexual Assault, Allegedly Killed By Longtime Boyfriend in Texas

A pregnant Texas woman’s life was cut short Monday when her boyfriend allegedly killed her following an argument—after she was already allegedly abused by a sheriff’s deputy. Shaterica Anderson, 28, was found dead in her home early Monday morning with four gunshot wounds, according to police, and her five children were asleep in a nearby room. Authorities later charged her longtime boyfriend Johnny Ray Landry with her murder. Anderson had previously made numerous abuse allegations against Landry and he was out on bond for making a terroristic threat toward her.

The deadly incident came more than a year-and-a-half after Anderson had accused a Harris County Sheriff’s deputy of sexually assaulting her, though she didn’t identify herself as a victim. “With the two cases, it shows, she was unprotected as a woman,” her lawyer U.A. Lewis told KTRK. “These men took advantage of her as a woman.” Landry remains on the run. Lewis has set up a GoFundMe to help pay for the family’s expenses.

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