Show Me Your Trees! Our Top 15 Favourite Christmas Trees From Our Followers

We asked you if you’d like to show us your trees.. and you so eagerly did.  

You guys showed us tons of gorgeous photos of your Christmas trees… and we had a hard time choosing.. but we needed to pick because we can’t really load up 185 photos (even if we want to)!

So here goes…  our top picks in no particular order!

I just like how the Christmas Tree is set up beside the TV and I can imagine binge-watching + eating ice cream. I’m definitely sure you do, Kylie! Super cosy! Just love it!

Such a fun and whimsical Christmas Tree, Brittany!

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What caught my eye is that little guy standing on the bottom left. I mean, I always think Christmas trees look so lonely standing tall all alone and you know sometimes that makes us feel nervous? lol So getting it someone to be with is such a great idea, Laura!

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“Be a light in the darkness..” Is that the Christmas Tree vibe you were going for Louise? Because I am soo digging it!

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Absolutely love this Christmas Tree by Amanda. So unique!

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This white, silver and rose gold themed Christmas Tree by Alison is so pretty and blends well with the house decor. I also love the letter baubles which adds a personal touch to the tree.

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If I had like a top 3, this Christmas tree by Kellie is one of them. One look at it and it made me feel like I was in the North pole with a Coca Cola!

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This looks like a Christmas Tree that Queen Elsa from the movie Frozen would put up for Christmas. Love it, Emma! 

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Emily’s Christmas tree has this super homey Christmas vibe that you’d want to just sit down and stare at it while having coffee or tea.

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This gold-themed Christmas tree by Lisa is looking so expensive haha! The carpet, couch and curtains just make it look all put together that it looks like you’re in a hotel lobby.

128152376 10157427372397397 3544693488066600984 n | Stay at Home

Another one of our top favourites is this Christmas tree by Melissa. Just because a blue Christmas tree with gold, silver and white accents isn’t that easy to pull off, but this one is so pretty!

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Slightly biased with this I must admit. This photo just looks so warm, you know? Yep, it’s definitely not just about the Christmas tree but the little ones running around it! You have such a beautiful family, Lynda!

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Being an animal person, this photo by another SAHM follower Ilse is in here because his/her cat looks so peaceful while sleeping.. and cute, too!

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This is a guess.. is your Christmas tree fairytale-themed, Sarah? Because that’s what came to mind the first time I saw this!

128419816 10159243581204459 2869047334095380745 n | Stay at Home

This Christmas tree by Tara gets plus points for being so extra!

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And a special mention one, because this isn’t the usual Christmas Tree. But it’s a tree and it has every element that screams Christmas! The holidays are so hectic and sometimes, simple can be beautiful. I can definitely relate, Corrin!

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This gets an honorable mention because it’s such a genius idea! Why didn’t I think of this? We love this Christmas tree, Becks!

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Thanks guys! We enjoyed all your entries. Merry Christmas!

Top 15 Favourite Christmas Trees From Our Followers | Stay At Home Mum