Sidra Medicine offers one-stop services in reproductive medicine

Dr. Johnny Awwad

Sidra Medicine offers one-stop services in reproductive medicine based on a model of care which provides individually optimised approach. 

As part of its expansion of services, Sidra Medicine offers IVF and fertility management as part of reproductive medicine, enabling world-class fertility treatment available for both women and men in Qatar. 

“The model of care is designed to offer each couple, a personalised treatment plan based on their medical history, individual characteristics, and tailored needs. It is built as a one-stop service which offers a wide range of services including fertility counselling, intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilization.

The pre-implantation genetic programme, also offers couples with familial inherited disorders the opportunity to have healthy children,” said Dr. Johnny Awwad, Division Chief of Reproductive Medicine (IVF). 

“With minimal wait times and direct consultations, we can help you start on your IVF journey or fertility preservation programme with no delay,” he added.  

Whether seeking to be first-time parents, having difficulty getting pregnant or hoping to grow the existing family, the IVF and fertility experts at Sidra Medicine will provide individually optimised care. 

“Our highly-regarded reproductive team consists of consultant physicians (male and female fertility experts), embryologists, nurses, and support staff with extensive international experience in all aspects of fertility treatment, including IVF and reproductive health. We offer one-stop services with on-site IVF, reproductive surgery, maternal-fetal medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, all in a single convenient location,” said Dr. Awwad. 

“Our approach to care is to provide one-on-one briefings, educational sessions regarding fertility treatment options, and access to a range of support services, including mental health, nutrition and counselling. Our female patients also have the option for their husbands to be present for all or part of their consultations and procedures,” he added. 

 Sidra Medicine has recently introduced a comprehensive male infertility service delivered by a highly-qualified consultant who offers evidence-based treatments for sperm defects, endocrine disorders and sexual dysfunction. “Our state-of-the-art electronic witnessing system (Matcher) offers rigorous measures of safety and prevention of errors to avoid the mis-identification of eggs, sperm and embryos. 

“We also use time-lapse imaging (Embryoscope) to track the development of embryos in real-time and allows us to select the ones which are more fit for uterine transfer,” said Dr. Awwad.

 “We consider test results from outside of Sidra Medicine, provided that they comply with our standards. Monitoring of IVF cycles as well as IVF related procedures are provided seven days a week, including weekends to help optimise outcomes,” he added.