Six nurses in same unit at Cone Health pregnant

The nurses are with Cone Health’s Heart Failure Progressive Care Unit. The director told News 2 this is the first time in her 44 year career this has happened.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Cone Health’s Heart Failure Progressive Care Unit has six nurses expecting babies around the same time. 

Director Monette Mabolo said this is the first time in her 44 year career this has happened.

“I was teasing them and I said, ‘you’ve been sitting in the same chair, that’s how you got pregnant or you’ve been drinking the same water’,” Mabolo jokingly said. 

The news came in one after another. “Four were actually slated this month to give birth in February and that was the shocker to me,” Mabolo said. The other two nurses are due this summer.

WFMY News 2 spoke with Jasmina Cvijetic, one of the nurses. She was due February 2 but the baby came one week earlier. It’s her second child. She said having help from her coworkers made her pregnancy more comfortable.

“Nursing job, in general, is demanding and stressful and really fast-paced. We just had good support and good coworkers, good nurse staff who said, ‘ok, don’t lift this we’re going to help you,’ and they came together to help me do some things that normally maybe I would do by myself,” explained Cvijetic. 

While the nurses are out on maternity leave, Mabolo said travel nurses will step in to help.

“Our senior leadership is very supportive in us trying to find the help, trying to get travel nurses to cover the needs of our department. And our service line, our heart and vascular service lines, all my peers, the other directors we all help each other,” said Mabolo. 

Cvijetic told News 2 she was happy to be a part of such a unique experience. She expects to head back to work in April.