So You Want Butt Implants?

Brazillian Butt Lift or Butt Implants: Key to getting more of that ‘Junk in the Truck’! Hmm, how’s that sound to you?

Here is everything you need to know about butt implants!

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What are Butt Implants?

Butt Implants or ‘Gluteal Augmentation’ is a cosmetic surgery to enhance the shape and look of the bottom by inserting implants under the buttocks muscle and then fat grafting the surrounding areas to give the bum a firm, high rounded look.

The current beauty trend favours a larger butt and smaller breasts, unlike the 1980s and ’90s which favoured the opposite.

Butt implant operations, despite their widespread use, are not without risk. Consult a board-certified surgeon about the procedure’s potential benefits and adverse effects, as well as any expenses and recuperation times.

A Brief History of Butt Implants

The very first butt implant was created in 1969 by Dr RJ Bartels. A standard breast implant was used during this surgery and the results were less than impressive. Fast forward to 1984 and Argentinian surgeon Jose Robles placed an implant between the two layers of muscles in the buttocks. This procedure called a ‘Submuscular Gluteoplasty’ did get a better result than Dr Bartels first attempt, but the surgery was very technically challenging.

Because the buttock area takes a lot of weight and strain, surgery in this area comes with high risk. It is also an extremely painful surgery to recover from.

How Much Do Butt Implants Cost?

Butt Implants are surprisingly cheaper than breast implants. According to Plastic, the average cost of buttock augmentation with fat grafting is US $4,807.00. If a butt lift is needed as well as butt implants and fat grafting, that price goes up to US $5482.00.

What Are Some Butt Implant Procedures?

Butt implants serve a single purpose: to make the buttocks appear fuller. Despite this, there’s a whole variety of ways to get there. Fat tissue grafting and buttock implants are the two most common operations performed on the buttock area.

Sculptra Butt Lift

Buttock filler Sculptra is used to enhance the appearance of fullness. This surgery is done in a doctor’s office and doesn’t require much recovery time.

When injected, the substance contributes a modest amount of volume, but over the course of weeks or months, your body uses it to produce extra collagen, which can lead to an even greater rise in volume.

Multiple vials of medication are required per session and can be pricey. It takes a few sessions to see a substantial effect.

Fat Transfer

In 2015, butt enlargement via fat transfer was the most common procedure. It is also referred to as the “Brazilian butt lift.”

When you have this operation, your surgeon takes fat from another part of your body, such as your abdomen or flanks, and injects it into your buttocks. A combination of this technique and silicone implants can produce the most natural-looking results.

To be a good candidate for a Brazillian Butt Lift, you will need to carry enough body fat to be able to remove and re-use the fat.

But the Brazillian Butt Lift is probably more dangerous than implants as the risk of the fat being injected too deep or in the wrong area can result in pulmonary embolus or clotting which could cause death.

Many highly skilled plastic surgeons refuse to do this surgery because of the risk.


Traditional liposuction without fat grafting can be used to sculpt the fat around the buttocks area to give it a better shape.

Who is a Good Candidate for Butt Implant Surgery?

The reasons most people look at either a Brazillian Butt Lift or Butt Implants include:

  • Weight loss over time or ageing has left your bum a bit droopy and flat.
  • Your bum is small compared to the rest of your body and you want a more natural look.
  • You don’t like the size or shape of your bottom.

You must be in good health (both physically and mentally) and have realistic expectations of the result.

The Mortality Rate for Butt Implant Surgery is Scary

Compared to all other cosmetic surgeries, butt implant surgery has the most risk. The mortality rate is estimated to be as high as 1:3000.

No deaths have been recorded in Australia. It is thought that Australians have a more conservative approach when it comes to implant size. In Australia, the average butt implant size is 300 – 400cc per cheek.

In the United States, a larger bottom is preferred with the average implant size a huge 1500cc per cheek.

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How Long Do Butt Implants Last?

Butt Implants last on average the same as breast implants. About 10 years. Yes, they can last longer than that, but some revision surgery such as a butt lift may be needed after this time. Because the butt area takes a lot of weight and strain, it is recommended that the implants be replaced every 10 years.

Recovery from a Butt Implant Surgery

The recovery and any possible complications from butt implants is probably the worst part. It is painful and expects to place zero pressure on your bum for up to three weeks. No sitting at all. You will be required to sleep on your back or stomach for at least the first few weeks until the pain and swelling goes down.

It takes about six weeks for the pain and swelling to go back to normal and a soft pillow or similar will be needed to sit over the next few months of healing.

During this period, a compression garment will be required to be worn. Expect to take at least three weeks off work.

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Should You Go For It?

In recent years, butt implants have grown in popularity due to their high efficacy and low risk of complications. There are still many factors to consider before undergoing this type of surgery, such as the cost, rehabilitation, and overall health of the patient as well as the results they hope to achieve.

Consult with a medical professional first to ensure that you are fully aware of the risks and benefits of this procedure. If you’re looking for a surgeon, don’t be hesitant to compare options until you discover one who is qualified.

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