Surrogate Gave Birth to Twins, Real Parents are a No Show 50 days later

TikTok user Amanda, who goes by the moniker @mom_11203, decided to be a surrogate in 2020 and has since given birth to twins 14 months ago. She’s still waiting for their biological parents’ visit after 50 days without hearing from them.

When Amanda decided to become a surrogate in 2020, she could not have predicted the events that would happen. Amanda had a positive experience being a surrogate before, so she registered with an agency and was matched up with a couple who lived overseas. 

The couple could not conceive, so Amanda became the surrogate for twins. She later gave birth to a healthy boy and girl in February 2021.

The babies’ parents were based overseas and had to quarantine for two weeks before they could enter the US. But they didn’t want to do that.

“They weren’t willing to quarantine for two weeks before entering the US,” Amanda said on TikTok.

They waited until the travel restrictions lifted in late 2021, but they haven’t come yet to pick up their children. It’s been 50 days since Hannah has heard from them. After taking care of the children for 14 months, Hannah and her husband would like to be their legal parents.

So they got a lawyer’s help.

“We are working with a lawyer,” she said. “Yes, there was a legal contract in place,” she continued.

According to the contract, Amanda and her husband are legally bound to give up their rights. However, the parents are also legally bound to get their children.

“Not only did they not pick up the twins, they never established their parental rights,” she shared.

At first, the biological parents sent Amanda and her husband money to care for their babies. However, Amanda asked them to stop if they didn’t have any plans to get their children. Since then, she hasn’t heard from both of them. The biological parents haven’t even contacted them and the twins on their first birthday.

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