Thaís Celebrates Pregnancy With Bare Baby Bump Pic

Thais Ramone, who appeared on 90 Day Fiancé, shared a pregnancy update by showing her baby bump on Instagram. Fans are excited about her pregnancy.

Thais Patrick Baby Pregnant Infertility Married In 90 Day Fiance 2

Thais Ramone, who gained popularity on 90 Day Fiancé, celebrated her pregnancy by sharing an Instagram photo of her baby bump. Fans watched Thais’ relationship with Patrick Mendes grow after they met on a dating app. Patrick would visit Thais who lived in Brazil at the time. The couple ran into difficulty with finances and trust as there was not enough communication and understanding among the two. Misunderstandings and being quick to anger caused strain in their relationship. Regardless of this, Thais and Patrick were able to overcome these issues and get married in 2022.


After appearing on 90 Day Fiancé, Thais has focused on building her social media platforms. Thais has shared many pictures of her modeling and hopes to continue this career. She has also partnered with various companies to promote their products to her fan base. She also shares pictures of her and Patrick to keep fans up to date on their relationship. Recently, she has shared a post to inform fans about her pregnancy.

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Thais has shared a picture to update fans on her pregnancy. The Instagram post includes a picture of her showing her baby bump. She also shows a moisturizer by Mooimom Official in the post. She captioned the post by saying that her fans asked for an update, so she is posting one. A couple of days prior to this, Thais revealed she was happy to tell fans that she is having a baby girl.

Thais’s followers were excited to hear the news. Some commented on Thais looking amazing as she is glowing during her pregnancy. Fans thought that Thais baby bump looked cute and congratulated the couple. Others offered support for the future mother by saying that being a parent is worth the difficulty. Others were hoping to confirm when she will be having the baby. Thais responded by telling fans that her baby will be born in November 2022. Many are hoping that Thais will post more when her baby is born as they are excited to see her.

Fans seem to be happy that Thais is sharing this news as they have supported her relationship since she appeared on the show. It is amazing to see the support that Thais has received since revealing her pregnancy. Viewers were happy to see that her relationship with Patrick is doing well and they are focused on their future together. Thais’s followers will be waiting for more updates on her life after 90 Day Fiancé.

Source: Thais Ramone/Instagram