The Best Pimple Popping Videos On Tiktok

Although dermatologists and skincare experts throughout the world advise against picking at your pimples, almost everyone does. Everyone! It’s simply the way things are.

Yes. Buzzkill on the prowl! That being said, poking your skin in any way causes your skin to literally break apart, making it more prone to infection and resulting in an even worse issue than what was previously there.

So, you have two alternatives when it comes to getting rid of zits. Option one: You may let your whitehead, blackhead, or cyst (a lump that should never, ever be popped under any circumstances) to live out its natural existence on its own. You will not be left with scars or strong black markings in the majority of situations since your body will restore itself.

Alternatively, you might seek the assistance of a skincare specialist (either an esthetician or a dermatologist) to perform the dirty job for you. Your skin will thank you for it, I promise you. They are well-trained for the task!

What’s With All These Pimple Popping Videos?

Though hatred is a powerful term, there is one thing that we can all agree on: pimples are something we loathe. In fact, zits are the worst, which is perhaps why watching pimple-popping films may be strangely pleasurable. There’s something about watching all of that disgusting, goop exit your pores that feels supremely satisfying. 

While it’s true that you’re not meant to burst your pimples, you’ve definitely had some rather memorable zit-popping experiences at home. If you’ve never had a blackhead the size of a golf ball on your face, you may satisfy your curiosity by seeing some of the internet’s most revolting pimple popping videos.

Honestly, it’s mind-boggling how large certain pimples and blackheads may grow to be. So, if you’re tempted to poke, pop, and prod at your fragile skin, here’s something to consider… Enjoy these pimple popping videos that are so disgusting you won’t be able to look away… Enjoy!!!

1. A Big Old Lump

via TikTok

Watch this woman as she took out a WHOLE bunch of ‘lookin-like-brown-cyst’ to me!!

2. The Juicy One

Lookout! You’re definitely gonna be in the splash zone when you watch the clip! That being said, if you like a satisfying bang, having a cheek-cyst removed will brighten your day.

3.The Earlobe Popper

That looks like a hurtful massive pimp!

4. The Nose Extractor

We’ve all used the word “volcano” to describe a pimple at some time, but it was obviously an exaggeration.

5. The Big One That Has Lots Of Load!

What a sense of relief this individual must have!

6. The Whole Chunk

Have you spotted that? Was that all a load of puss? Yikes!

7. The Never-Ending One

Wearing goggles would be a good idea if you plan on popping anything like this.

8. The Big Old Back Squirt

Because our back is one of the most difficult locations to get to, pimps and lumps may go unnoticed for years on end!

9. The Whole Splashing and Gushing Waterfall

Some things in life are just in need of a little prodding. All the way down to a “packed” whitehead like this.

10. Mega Pimple Popping

Talk about DIY plus dirty nails! Yikes!

11. The Ear Pops!!

Have you seen that!? Looks like the pimple popping never ends!

Being able to squeeze your own spots is one of life’s strangest and most rewarding joys, though not a little nasty at times. But, what’s more entertaining than witnessing other people’s zits and blackheads get squeezed? That, my friends, is a whole other level of disgusting!

Do You Have Some Pimple Popping Experience You Might Want To Share? We’re Excited To Hear!