The Life-Changing Miracle of Christmas for Moms

I’ll admit it. For moms, Christmas can feel extremely exhausting. It can bring out frustrations, stress, sadness, and the kind of tired that moms know from adding even more to their already busy schedule. But, if you take the time this Christmas, maybe just a few moments of quiet, you can find the life-changing miracle of Christmas for moms.

Because it’s not about the schedule, the gifts, or the food. It’s not about the songs or the parties. It’s not even about the sermon at the Christmas Eve service.

It’s about the birth of Christ. Not only did this birth allow for our salvation, but it fulfilled the promises of God. And today, it can offer moms gratitude, peace, and optimism.

And it began one winter day with Christmas, brightened with a Christmas light display. A day that brought a life-changing miracle for moms. If you have a few moments, here are 3 ways you can capture this miracle, change your thoughts and emotions, and hold it in your heart for the next 364 days until it comes again.

How the Life-Changing Miracle of Christmas Offers Moms Gratitude, Peace, and Optimism

Look Back on the Year with Gratitude.

Start with gratitude. Think back to all the days between this Christmas and the last one. There were likely good and bad days, good and bad moments. But, through it all, God was with you.

And this is enough for our gratitude.

When you focus on gratitude, you will change your life. It will change your mental health, stress, cortisol, risk of depression, and even decrease metabolic syndrome and other diseases (1). What’s more, our immune systems work better and we can fight diseases with better results when we’re grateful and optimistic (2).

What a miracle!

Live in the Present with Peace

Peaceful? Would you describe your Holidays as peaceful? I hope so. But if not, do what you can to step outside of the chaos, and choose peace for yourself.

Try these 3 steps:

  1. Start with prayer about Christmas day. Ask for peace. Ask for patience. Ask for God’s heart and eyes towards those around you, your in-laws, your kids, your parents, your spouse, friends, and strangers. Ask for a strong sense of the miracle of Christmas as you let the rest fade away.
  2. If possible, simplify and slow down. Cut your to-do list in half for the next 2 days. Simply don’t over do it. Err on the side of slow and simple.
  3. Let go of expectations. Your Christmas will not likely look like a Hallmark movie. Spoiler: No one’s actually does. Christ’s certainly didn’t. It looked more like a cold barn. Set your mind and heart towards joy, peace, and gratitude this year.

Looks to the New Year with Optimism

You started with gratitude for the past, and peace for the present.

What do Christmas and the birth of Christ offer as a life-changing miracle for moms for the future? Optimism. Joy. Hope.

Did you know that God’s plan entails optimism for us? He even provides it as a dose of health, when we choose it. In fact, recent research has shown that those with higher optimism have a longer life (both men and women). What’s more, it’s associated with exceptional longevity, or living more than 85 years.

And during that longer life? Optimistic people are typically healthier, and happier, and experience less depression. And if you feel that you simply weren’t born to be optimistic, research as found that it is 25% dependent on genetics (3), and 75% on attitude.

Bottom Line

The birth of Christ and salvation promised is best life-changing miracle of Christmas for moms.

But beyond this, God provides, even more, to help us in the day-in-day-out of our lives. This Christmas, take a few moments to meditate on the gratitude, peace, and optimism God offers from one Christmas to the next. His Son came to bring us life.e of your emotions and health as you close out the year. God’s given you this gift.

The Life-Changing Miracle of Christmas for Moms