The Most Effective Homemade Carpet Cleaning Methods

Many households follow homemade cleaning recipes for maintaining their carpets clean.

Homemade ingredients are cheaper and safer than special preparations.

What is more, they are as effective as professional cleaning products, which you can find in the store nearby. 



This food powder is convenient to use. It is always at hand. Being a good adsorbent, it absorbs repelling odours from your carpet and cleans pollution. The dry cleaning method itself is unusually simple. Sprinkle the problem area with soda, and after half an hour collect it with the vacuum cleaner. In case of severe contamination, the spots are pre-soaked. Sometimes they act differently. 

Prepare a solution in this ratio: 100 g of soda to 5 liters of slightly warm water. Distribute it on the surface of the coating. It is better to do this with a spray gun. Stand for 40 minutes. Residues are removed with a vacuum cleaner. 

You cannot clean a woolen or silk rug in this way. Products do not respond well to wet cleaning. The same applies to the pile. Soda is able to return the coating to its original colour, perform deep cleaning. Moreover, it is suitable for natural and artificial materials

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This is quite an effective method for removing fresh stains. Having prepared a solution of 0.5 l of water and 2 tablespoons of vinegar, apply very little to traces of contamination. You can rub the treated areas with a soft brush. Vinegar leaves a typical smell that disappears very quickly.

How to clean old stains on carpet with soda and vinegar?

Mix the two ingredients in equal volumes. The composition is applied to pollution. Absorb moisture with a napkin. After waiting 2 minutes, sprinkle with soda. Stand for 30-40 minutes. Residues are removed with a vacuum cleaner. The method is good when others are powerless. When working with vinegar, observe the proportions correctly. Then the original color will return without damage to the fibers.

Cold water or snow

Any household carpet cleaner knows how to clean a carpet with snow. You need to knock it out beforehand to get rid of dust. Spread out in the snow. Sprinkled with snow and wait until the snow absorbs dust. Broom sweep leftovers. The procedure is repeated several times, and even on both sides of the pile. It is curious to learn that ice water can remove even blood stains from the carpet.mattor | Stay at Home


Use tea leaves remove old stains. It is spread on traces of dirt and can withstand two hours. Waste is removed. The marks will disappear, the carpet will become brighter, it will find the aroma of freshness.bigstock Green tea with herbs close up 15736685 | Stay at Home


Sprinkle some coarse salt onto the surface. Leave on for ten minutes. Then sweep with a broom dipped in warm, soapy water. Some households use soda instead of salt.Salt | Stay At Home Mum

More interesting solutions to typical problems at home

Remember that universal stain removers are able to clean the pile of dust and dirt, and not from specific contaminants.

If wine is spilled, then you need to look for a special stain remover that will help get rid of wine stains.

From improvised means, you can also prepare a stain remover. In seven to eight litres of warm water, add a quarter of a measuring cup of vinegar, a quarter of a measuring cup of ammonia, two teaspoons of dishwashing detergent.

To get rid of greasy stains, use talcum powder or chalk. They sprinkle a stain on them, then iron the surface through blotting paper with a slightly warm iron. To remove unpleasant odours, use vinegar diluted with water.

There are probably 10 more homemade cleaning methods that you could try, but we all know that not everyone has the time for thorough carpet cleaning.

The Most Effective Homemade Carpet Cleaning Methods | Stay at Home Mum