The Terrifying Meaning Behind Random Emojis, Hashtags and Slang Kids Use

Did you know some kids are using random emojis and slang words as codewords for various drugs and other behaviour you really should be aware of as a parent?

That innocent mushroom, pizza, and grape emojis do not mean they are hungry, trust us!

KIIS FM radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O discussed the emojis being used amongst the younger generation today, with the show’s producer, Tom, revealing which ones had more sinister meanings behind them.

Tom said teenagers would often send texts to each other in just emojis so their parents wouldn’t catch on to what they were actually talking about.

Among the drugs discussed over text in code is marijuana, symbolised by anything green such as a leaf, broccoli or a Christmas tree.

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The drug cocaine is talked about through emojis of a snowflake or a man skiing as the substance can often be referred to as ‘snow’ or ‘powder’. The emoji with the face of someone drooling represents ecstasy and the red and yellow pill is used as a codeword for heroin.

Meanwhile the smiling devil emojis, banana or open mailbox with raised flags could indicate your child is sexually active.

Dangerous Teen Hashtags

Just, in addition, these hashtags are worth being aware of too!

  • #420: Pot/weed/drugs
  • #ana: Anorexia
  • #cu46: “See you for sex”
  • #deb: Depression
  • #ednos: “Eating disorder not otherwise specified”
  • #mia: Bulimia
  • #secretsociety123: Non-suicidal self-harm
  • #sue: Suicide
  • #svv: Self-harming behaviour
  • #thinsp or #thinspo: Thinspiration (content that “inspires” others to be thin)

Parties, Drugs, and Sex Slang

  • Some slang words you really do need to be aware of:
  • 9 – code for a parent is watching
  • 53X – Sex
  • CU46 – See you for sex
  • Dayger – Party during the day
  • Function/Func – Party
  • Get Lit – party hard
  • Kick back – Small party
  • Molly – Ecstasy (MDMA), a dangerous party drug
  • Netflix and Chill – Used as a front for inviting someone over to make out
  • Rager – Big party
  • Smash – To have casual sex
  • Sloshed – To be drunk
  • The plug – Someone that supplies alcohol/drugs
  • Throw down – To throw a party
  • Turnt – To be high or drunk (formerly “turnt up”)
  • X – Ecstasy
  • WTTP – Want to trade photos?
  • LMIRL – Let’s meet in real life

Emojis being used in code to indicate drugs include:

Angry emojis can signify anything

  • Green emoji such as a leaf, Christmas tree or broccoli or a maple leaf- a symbol of marijuana
  • Diamond or 8-ball – methamphetamines/ice
  • Face with a mouth drooling – ecstasy
  • Man skiing/snowflake – cocaine
  • Pill – heroin
  • Electrical plug – drug dealer
  • Red grapes – cough syrup
  • Mushroom – magic mushrooms
  • Petrol tank – used to show a drug is of a high quality
  • Cloud of smoke – Vape or smoke
  • Face With Steam From Nose – Has been reported that drug dealers use this to symbolise that they have MDMA for sale.

Other frequently used emojis and the real meaning

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  • Snake – Typically used to symbolize that someone is a “backstabber.”
  • Octopus – “Cuddles.”
  • Smiling Face With Horns – In the mood to have a sexual encounter with someone.
  • Pizza – Can sometimes mean “I love you.”
  • Fire – Lit”, “fire”, or “sexy.”
  • Woman Dancing – Expressing the desire to party hard.
  • Knife – Expression of being in a bad mood or wanting to cause destruction.
  • Nail Polish – Indicates you’re not bothered about something someone said about you.
  • Women With Bunny Ears – Can mean a girls’ night out or as code for “sex worker.”
  • Eggplant or Banana – Male genitalia. Often sent to illustrate the anticipation of a sexual encounter.
  • Peach – Represents a person’s behind.
  • Baseball cap – A lie or not true.
  • Hotel – Brothel.
  • Circus Tent – Represents an erection.
  • Microphone – Represents a male orgasm.
  • Sweat Droplets – Represents an orgasm.
  • Open Mailbox With Raised Flag – Can sometimes mean sex.
  • Raised Fist followed by Sweat Droplets – Represents masturbation.
  • Eyes – Can be used to request that someone send an nude shot.

Read more about Teen Slang here. I mean… WTF Is This language?

The Terrifying Meaning Behind Your Kids Random Emojis Hashtags and Slang Use | Stay at Home