The Truth About Olaplex & Fertility

Javon goes on to reassure Olaplex stans, presenting a recent screenshot taken from Sephora’s website, which doesn’t show the ingredient in the current formula. Javon compares this to a 2018 ingredient list from website INCIdecoder, where the ingredient is present. He adds: “Just to make sure we’re not being gaslit by Olaplex, let’s do a little bit more digging. Here’s a screenshot of Olaplex’s website courtesy of the Wayback Machine [an internet archive] August 13th 2021 and the ingredient is nowhere to be found compared to a few months prior, April 15th 2021, and there it is.” Javon then explains that between April and August 2021, Olaplex decided to “get ahead of the EU ban and phase out the ingredient.” He says: “If Olaplex is working for you without issue, no, you don’t have to continue use.”