The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

I love spring cleaning! I love how bright our house looks like when we open the windows.. and the smell of fresh air!


Seriously, who loves cleaning?! And is there really a way to shorten the hours of cleaning the entire house?

What I do know is that, at the end of the day, I make sure to have a glass of wine *pats myself on the back* for surviving a bucket load of chores.

We also made this checklist to make things more organised. It saves us time and energy thinking of what to do next!

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist | Stay At Home Mum

Done! Now put those tired feet up.. wine o’clock!

Oh, Wait! I have More Tips Just For You!

The thoughts of cleaning your entire house, no matter how determined you are, might make you mutter, “Uh, how about we try next weekend?” It may appear to be a huge task, but it doesn’t have to be, as we’ve previously demonstrated with our ultimate spring cleaning checklist!

Restock Your Spring Cleaning Supplies First

Before you clean up, make sure you have all of the necessary cleaning products on hand. Baking soda, white vinegar, and wash soap are all-natural ingredients that may be used to produce natural cleaners for almost every room in the house.

Here are some awesome cleaning products you can buy on Catch!

Cleaning Caddy

Get those cleaning stuff prep and on the go!

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist | Stay At Home Mum

Cleaning Gloves

Scrub scrub scrub! Protect your hands from those nasty chemicals!

Cleaning Gloves | Stay At Home Mum

Cleaning Cloth

I personally recommend this Eco Cloth. You can ditch those harsh chemicals and just wipe the surface with water!

Cleaning Cloth | Stay At Home Mum

Multi-Surface Cleaner

Ready to get those nasty stains? Well, this Magic Surface cleaner got your back!

Multi-Surface Cleaner | Stay At Home Mum

Powerful Scrubber

Scrub away that nasty dirt with a powerful spin clean scrubber!

Powerful Scrubber | Stay At Home Mum

Cleaning Mop

*dips, spin, mop, repeat* I luvvvvv this spin mop! It simply takes away the squeeze by hand!

Cleaning Mop | Stay At Home Mum

Garbage Bag

And lastly, pack up and throw away the dirt with Mr Clean’s garbage bags!

Garbage Bag | Stay At Home Mum

One of the most significant and underappreciated elements of spring cleaning is renewing furnace and HVAC filters. Indeed, upgrading a basic filter with a more durable one with a high MERV grade will help you stay healthy as spring approaches.

Tiny, harmful particles will be caught. During winter, dust collects in air conditioner ducts, and updated filters trap these particles, preventing them from entering your home. It’s a low-cost way to ensure that you’re inhaling clean, healthy air.

An air purifier is an ideal way to assure healthy spring air that is free of allergies, indoor pollutants, and smells. If someone in your house has sensitivities or wakes up uncomfortable during allergy season, an air purifier in his or her bedroom can help.

Here’s a HoMedics TotalClean air purifier to complete your spring cleaning from Catch!’

HoMedics TotalClean | Stay At Home Mum

Help Yourself By Working From Top to Bottom

When thinking about how to spring cleaning your house, it’s best to move to the top and work your way down. This will push trash downward, preventing you from getting to dust or clean your space again. If you have a vacuum with an extendable hose, start by vacuuming the cobwebs and dust off your ceilings and fans.

Afterwards, dust your furniture and other objects before vacuuming your floors to remove all the dust and dirt. It will help you save time!

So, There You Go!

A detailed spring cleaning of the home is a terrific opportunity to create long-term cleaning habits that will make the following spring cleaning much easier.

To make the transition to spring a breeze, follow these cleaning ideas for the new season’s start!

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