The Wildest Pregnancy Dramas On Days Of Our Lives

Switched-up embryos also played a part in the pregnancy drama between four best friends on “Days of Our Lives.” Although Shawn Brady and Belle Black were always meant to be, life pulled them apart and had Belle running into the arms of Shawn’s best friend, Philip Kiriakis. Later, Shawn found himself falling for Belle’s bestie Mimi Lockhart. The two couples eventually wed and opted for IVF as a way to get pregnant (via Soap Hub). However, things got very messy when there was a huge mix-up at the lab and the wrong specimens were put together, meaning Belle was carrying a baby that belonged to Shawn, and Mimi was pregnant with Philip’s child. Belle gave birth to her daughter, Claire, and Philip was thrilled to be a father. When it was later revealed that Shawn was actually the little girl’s dad, Philip was crushed. The two couples divorced and Belle and Shawn got back together and left Salem with their daughter.

Another of “DOOL”‘s biggest pregnancy shockers came when Abigail Deveraux found out that she was pregnant with Ben Weston’s baby (via Realty Today). The couple were engaged, so they were happy to start a family together. However, Ben’s behavior began to grow erratic, and it was revealed that he was a serial killer called the Necktie Killer. He kidnapped Abby, and after she gave birth, he stole the baby and went on the run. After being saved by Chad DiMera, Abby later found out that her son’s true father was Chad.

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