Things In Virgin River Season 3 That Make No Sense To Fans

Another problem fans of “Virgin River” have mentioned repeatedly on Reddit is that the show’s timeline as of Season 3 makes absolutely no sense at all. It’s been a mere four months since Mel moved to Virgin River — an event that occurred in Season 1 — according to various dialogue clues given in Season 3. However, this amount of time doesn’t seem to match with the amount of time needed for certain (and huge) events to properly play out on the show. For other shows, it would be easy to fudge the passage time with some shortcuts. But, because the plotlines on “Virgin River” center themselves quite frequently around major life events, like a character’s pregnancy or another character’s battle with a life-threatening illness, it’s much harder to gloss over the passage of time. 

The biggest example of this, per fan discussion, involves Charmaine’s pregnancy. She tells Jack she is pregnant at the end of Season 1. By the Season 3 finale, Charmaine is not even showing, which indicates she is likely in her first trimester (via Reddit). Other events that confuse the timeline include Jack’s miraculous recovery from a life-threatening gunshot wound in a few weeks and Lilly’s (Lynda Boyd) baby, born at the end of Season 1, still in infancy during Season 3.

Hopefully, the show will straighten each of these confusing plot points out, now that two more seasons are coming soon to Netflix.