Things You Can Do To Make Your Mattress Last Longer

Things You Can Do To Make Your Mattress Last Longer

So, you’ve bought a top-rated mattress that fits your needs like a dream? Congrats, getting a good night’s sleep will now be a daily affair! At the same time, you’ll want this to be a long-lasting experience. We’re here to tell you how. 

Here’s a list of things you can do to get the most out of your mattress.

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Use Mattress Protector

Using a good quality mattress protector is one of the best ways to protect a mattress’s longevity. A waterproof protector can guard your mattress against accidental spills and stains and ensure that dust, debris, and dirt cannot make their way through the sheets into the mattress. There are many types of protectors available in different materials and price ranges. Make sure you select one with enough stretch and elasticity to fit your mattress correctly. Steer clear of protectors that are too snug or a size too big.  

Keep Your Mattress Well-Supported

Invest in a quality mattress base to provide proper support for your mattress. A good base extends a mattress’s lifespan, supports its weight evenly and prevents premature wear and tear. Innerspring mattresses may require box springs, while foam mattresses need a solid platform. Check with the manufacturer on what options go best with your mattress.

Don’t Jump or Stand on the Bed

Jumping on the bed might seem like a fun thing to do. But it only invites accidents and takes years off your mattress. Putting unnatural pressure by standing or jumping compresses the mattress’ layers into the box springs and bed frame underneath. This can damage your mattress and cause it to degrade faster. 

Regular Cleaning is a Must

During sleep, your body sheds sweat, oils, hair and skin cells. These can get into your mattress, breeding bacteria and fostering dust mites. Eating in bed is also a strict no-no as the crumbs can attract bed bugs, ants and cockroaches. Wash bedsheets and blankets every week to ensure they’re clean. It would be best if you also cleaned the mattress protector regularly. 

Try to Keep Pets Out of the Bed

Pets may be sweet and snuggly, but when they join you in your bed, the hair and cells they shed also find their way into the mattress. This can serve as a magnet for germs, bugs and bacteria. That’s why it’s advisable to give pets their designated beds. 

Vacuum Your Mattress   

Even if you wash bed linens regularly, you’ll be surprised at how much sweat, dust and dirt build-up on your mattress. Vacuuming at least twice a year will prevent sweat, dust mites and allergens from accumulating deep into your mattress.   

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Turn Your Mattress Seasonally

No matter what material or size your mattress is, you may observe a slight dip in where you usually sleep if you’ve had it for a long time. Try turning or flipping the mattress 180 degrees at regular intervals so all sides and angles get used. Most manufacturers recommend doing this seasonally or every three months to annually. 

Clean Mattress Stains Immediately

Sometimes, stains happen no matter how hard to prevent them. Clean any stains immediately instead of leaving them to dry. Once set, they can become stubborn to remove. Use any store-bought stain remover or handy home remedies to attack stains. Make your own stain remover with lemon juice and salt, or a mixture of liquid dish soap, baking soda, a few drops of hydrogen peroxide and water.

Use on the stain to get old stains to vanish magically. 

Don’t let Bed Bugs in

Bed bugs are small, flat, reddish-brown bugs that infiltrate beddings, including mattresses and bed frames. They feed on blood from a host and are one of the fastest ways to ruin a mattress as they are tough to get rid of. 

To prevent bed bug infestation, take precautions like:

  • Keep the bedroom clean, decluttered and organised, so there’s no place for bed bugs to hide.
  • In areas where bedbug infestation is common, consider using bedbug-proof mattress encasement through which bed bugs can’t pass.
  • If you’re buying second-hand furniture, inspect carefully for signs of bed bugs before bringing the furniture in.

You Can’t Keep Your Mattress Forever, But You Can Make it Last

The longevity of your mattress depends on the care and maintenance it receives. These tips on regular upkeep can prolong the experience with your new mattress, and ensure you get the best returns on your investment.