This ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ Star Is Currently Pregnant With Twins

Love & Hip Hop: Miami star Amara Le Negra is expecting twin girls! The Afro Latina beauty known for her big fro and flawless skin is basking in her pregnancy. Le Negra announced the happy news in November with a beautiful maternity shoot featuring her own mother. Since then, she’s been showing off her growing baby bump, even sharing that she’s expecting two girls. “I’m in love with them without even meeting them yet,” the singer told HollywoodLife exclusively on Nov. 19. “I can feel them kicking. I can only imagine how they’re going to look and I just am so in love.” 

The pregnancy is a special one for her as she experienced a significant loss during this pregnancy. “It’s a lot, but it’s definitely a blessing,” she added, “especially knowing there’s a lot of women that unfortunately can’t have children and God has blessed me with two which originally were triplets. Unfortunately, I lost one. That was a miscarriage that everybody got to know about. It was tough, but God has blessed me with two babies, two baby girls. Any woman that it’s her first time — In my case, I’m an only child, so this is definitely a new experience for me in every single aspect. I think I’m nervous, anxious, excited. My motherly instinct is already coming about.”

Le Negra is focusing a lot on self-care at this stage in her pregnancy, telling BET Lifestyle: “Self-care is sleep. That’s as good as it gets for me right now. Any opportunity I have to sleep is an opportunity for me to recharge and disconnect myself from the world.”

Strangely, she says she’s long-suffered from lack of sleep. But the pregnancy has been helpful in her getting much-needed rest. “It’s funny. I’ve always had a lot of issues with sleeping. I’ve always been that girl that doesn’t sleep too much. You know, three or four hours and I’m back to it—late nights, early mornings, TV shows, radio or whatever the case may come,” she said “Now with this pregnancy, I truly understand and appreciate the meaning of sleeping. I think that sleeping it’s one of those things that is so underestimated. We don’t really appreciate the fact that you’re in such a peaceful space when you sleep, especially when you snore. That’s how you know that sleep is good.”

Despite her excitement, she admits that being pregnant with two babies takes a physical toll on her. “Trying to understand these changes that my body is going through because I’m consistently making 4 legs, 4 arms. It’s a lot of work on my body,” she told Hollywood Life. “I still remain a working woman. I plan on working until the last day of my pregnancy. I want to be there also to enjoy not just the beginning stages of my babies but also that I’m an outstanding businesswoman and I have to go out there and I’m the provider. It’s a lot of work but I’m definitely excited for the new journey. I am feeling physically exhausted, sleepy, nauseous, heartburn, all types of feelings. Lots of ligament stretches.”