Thug threatened to stab pregnant ex and said he hoped her baby died

A thug threatened to stab his pregnant ex partner and her new boyfriend and told her he hoped her unborn baby died.

Kieron Shaw, 29, also threatened to drive into his former girlfriend Samantha McCullock’s house in Blackwood after he claimed she had told his parents he had been taking drugs. The threats left Ms McCullock in fear for her own life that of her unborn child and when the defendant’s mother contacted her out of concern for her welfare she called the police.

During a threatening phone call on October 11 Shaw told the mother-of-one he would “put a knife through her” and her boyfriend and told her his new partner would “giver her a hiding” after her baby was born.

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A sentencing hearing at Cardiff Crown Court heard Shaw and his new partner’s baby died 12 days before the offence after being born prematurely.

Prosecutor Lowri Wynn Morgan said Ms McCullock received a number of missed calls from an unknown number but when she answered the next call she recognised the defendant’s voice.

He accused her of telling his parents he was taking drugs and called her a “f****** c***”. Shaw added: “What you think this is all funny do you? Watch what f****** happens now when I put the front of your house through, wait half an hour and I’ll get a car and put it through the front of your house.”

When Ms McCullock told the defendant she was going to call the police he responded: “Ring the f****** police, I don’t give a f***. You thinks this is funny don’t you? You won’t be laughing when I come and smash your f****** house up”.

After the victim told Shaw it wouldn’t be the first time he had trashed her house he said: “It won’t be the last, I’ll put a knife through you and your f****** c*** of a boyfriend. He’s in Blackwood. Don’t worry I’ve got my eyes on him.”

Ms Wynn-Morgan said Shaw also told Ms McCullock to “jump off” the Chartist Bridge in Blackwood and told her he “hoped the unborn child haemorrhages and dies”.

Shaw was arrested later that day after his mother had called Ms McCullock and told her he had tried to run his brother off the road.

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The defendant, of Station Road, Waunlwyd, Ebbw Vale, later pleaded guilty to making threats to kill.

In a victim personal statement, Ms McCullock said: “This incident has had a huge impact on me emotionally and I am constantly on edge… I am not sleeping at night and waking up in a panic and dripping in sweat. I haven’t slept a full night and sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe. I am scared he will come to the house and do do something to hurt me.”

In mitigation Andrew Taylor said his client and his new partner had suffered the trauma of the death of their premature baby on September 29.

The defence barrister added: “[The offence] was not something that was heartfelt. This happened on a day he felt very low and vulnerable and took the view the world was against him.”

Recorder Bilal Siddique sentenced Shaw to 20 months imprisonment and he was made subject to a restraining order for five years.

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