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No matter how much you adore your kids (and no matter how ready you are to stop forking over the big bucks for diapers), almost no parent looks forward to the potty training process. It’s a.

This training underwear looks like, well, underwear — so if your kiddo is a little behind the others, he won't stand out in these potty-training pants. Plus, there are no gels or harsh chemicals woven into.

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This training underwear looks like, well, underwear — so if your kiddo is a little behind the others, he won't stand out in these potty-training Shop for toddler girls training underwear online at Target.

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Training Underwear. Updated on March 18, 2015. I'm planning to potty train my daughter soon, and want to buy training underwear that's thicker and more absorbant.

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The best training underwear and pants for toddlers and kids who are potty training. Best Leakproof Training Underwear : MooMoo Baby Potty Training Pants.