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Two Kansas City police officers critically wounded a pregnant woman while her hands were in the air Friday night .

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According to the Kansas City Defender, the Kansas City Police Department claims the shooting occurred during the attempted arrest of Leonna Hale,26, and a unidentified man  in connection to a stolen vehicle. However, witnesses claim this is untrue since the Hale held her hands up during the police confrontation. One of the witnesses, named Shedanja, said she heard police officers yelling “Get out of the car” to two people who was in the car next to her vehicle and recorded the aftermath of the shooting. A man exited the vehicle and jumped the fence moments later. The pregnant woman gets out of the car seconds later with her hands up.

“The cops told the woman to get on the ground, but the woman informed them that she was pregnant, and so she couldn’t get down on the ground.”

Police reportedly told the woman to get on the ground but she explained to the officers that she was pregnant and unable to. She also informed them that there was a gun in the car.  Officers screamed the command multiple times and the pregnant woman backed into a parking lot fence, leading police to pull out their weapons. “One, two, three, four, five. I remember it because it didn’t stop. I remember seeing her hit the ground and I froze,” Shedanja told The Kansas City Discover.

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Several other witnesses said the same story which reportedly contradicted an official statement released by Kansas City Police Sgt. Bell.

“We never want to be in these type of situations. Not the public, as a police department. Anytime it happens is a blight on our community. I want to ensure the public the scene is secure. There’s no on-going threat. We’re committed to be 100% transparent. This is a holiday weekend. It’s time for friends. Not a time for violence,” said Interim Kansas City Police Chief Joseph Mabin.

Social media reacts to the shooting and handcuffing of Leonna Hale

Local residents in Kansas City said the police department has a history of corruption and racism on social media.

Kansas City is the only city in the country that does not have control of its police department or how the police department spends the very large budget which is also mandated by the state. The KCPD has a know history of racism toward citizens and officers in the department.

— Chipper (@Chipper24) May 29, 2022

It’s wild here…KCPD is Trash. https://t.co/FXZXsEy4i8

— Le Paintress (@MyatheArtist) May 29, 2022

That’s the thought process behind the KC police I guess. When a pregnant woman tries to get away from people with guns pointed at her, they think it’s okay to unload on her.

— Silas Lee (@SilasLeeNTKTN) May 29, 2022