USFL player runs to rescue pregnant wife who passed out in stands while attending game

USFL and Birmingham Stallions safety Christian McFarland had a very interesting game last Sunday when his team took on the Philadelphia Stars at Proactive Stadium.

On the list of things one could see in the stands at a USFL game, what McFarland saw would not have been high on the list. His wife, Lauren, who is five months pregnant, passed out due to the excessive heat.

His wife spoke to WVTM and detailed the events that left her worried about herself and her baby.

“I’m five months pregnant, I was drinking lots of water, eating lots of food. It was a midday game, I was feeling kind of nauseous, start seeing black, start seeing stars. I hear a lot of people surrounding, I hear a lot of chaos and noise, eyes still closed, super worried about my baby.”

“My heart was racing, everyone was trying to pour ice on me, I heard a lot of voices and immediately when I heard him (her husband), I felt so much better. He picked me up, threw me on his body and ran up those stairs and he looked at me and was like are you ok? And I’m like, yeah, you have a game to play.”

Worrying about what the opposing USFL offense is trying to do is tough in itself, but then, to see your pregnant wife in distress, that is not good. McFarland said that nothing else matters when his wife and baby are in jeopardy and that family comes first.

“Some people are like number 5, number 5, and I turned around and I hear someone say your wife passed out. If my wife and my baby are in jeopardy then really nothing else matters. I know my teammates and coaches understand that, yeah family definitely comes first.”

Stallions remain undefeated in the USFL after Michigan win

The Stallions are 6-0 on the season and show no signs of slowing down. Photo via Stallions Twitter.Also Read
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They then faced the Michigan Panthers, who they accounted for rather easily in a 33-17 win. McFarland, fresh off his efforts in the stands, registered four tackles, with three of them being solo as his team is yet to lose a game in the USFL.

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