Viral: This Father Cooking Food And Storing It For His Pregnant Daughter Has Won The Internet

Motherhood is a magical experience. However, many of us don’t realise the toll a woman’s body goes through in pregnancy. There are several things to look after, from timely medicines to doctor’s appointments and a proper nutritious diet. Even the slightest help from anyone during pregnancy can go a long way. Talking about the same, recently, a video of a father helping out his daughter make food and store it in the last month of pregnancy has gone viral on the internet. His small and sweet gesture has won the hearts of many people.

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In a video uploaded by Instagram user @persian, and initially posted on TikTok by @pazzy88, we can see the dad cooking meals for his daughter. There are several pots and pans where he is seen cooking different meals. The dad is cooking everything from rice and vegetables to meats and more. Once everything is cooked, he stores them in containers and keeps them in the fridge. These meals can be eaten any time when the couple feels hungry! In the caption of the post, they wrote, “We are having a baby this month, so my 76-year-old dad drove six hours to cook us the food we could freeze.” Check out the full video here:

Ever since this video was shared on Instagram, it has been viewed three million times, has 360K likes, and has more than three thousand comments. The person who originally made this video also reacted to it and wrote, “This is my video! In case anyone is curious, Baba Maleck prepared several dishes such as gheimeh, gormeh sabzi, zeresht polo, adas polo, joojeh kabob, chelo kabob, and several non-Persian dishes as well.”

You can check out some of the reactions below:

“Wow, not all heroes wear capes.”

“After a long day at work, these small packs can save your life.”

“That is exactly what you need because you will be too tired from sleep deprivation. You are blessed to have such a good dad! Best wishes to you for safe and fast delivery.”

“God bless him, such a sweet baba!”

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